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An Interview With Ms. Scheurer

By Alisson Alas

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

An Interview With Ms. Scheurer

Image provided by Allison Alas

This year we welcomed many permanent subs here at North, which was much needed. Our newest subs are some of North's next generation staff members, and they seem to be doing a great job handling their new teaching environment. I truly admire them all, and hopefully, one day, I'll be able to be part of them here at North. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Scheurer, who has subbed for many of my classes and has given me great advice on the teaching environment.   


What's something that you are really looking forward to in your first year at North?  

“Building my skill sets needed to be a teacher. This year I hope to find my pedagogy as a teacher and build a foundational basis for one day when I have my own classroom.” 


What's a piece of advice you would want young kids who want to be teachers to know?  

“Time management is key. It is best to learn to manage both an academic, social and emotional balance. Communication is key with your teachers and peers.” 


Are you originally from Valley Stream or Franklin Square?  

“No, I’m not.” 


Do you like your job so far?  

“Yes. It has not always been the easiest to transition into a new job in a new school but both the admin, faculty and students have made me feel welcome.” 


What inspired you to become a teacher?  

 “Being able to help students both academically and with mental health related matters.”  


When you were in high school did any teachers inspire you to want to become a teacher?   

“My high school Social Studies teacher for 9th and 10th grade.” 

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