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Attacks on Women

Sahar Ali

Volume 4 Issue 4

May 29, 2024

Attacks on Women

Image Provided by Elaine Ching

Imagine walking down a street in New York City. You are minding your own business when out of the blue, someone attacks you, more specifically, punches you. This was the reality for some women in New York City. Recently, there have been multiple reports of young women claiming to have been punched by a man while walking in New York City in broad daylight. This issue has gained attention through social media platforms such as TikTok, in which the women involved revealed the details of their attacks.  

The news of the attacks started to surface on March 17th, 2024. Women in their 20s and 30s took to social media to share their experiences. Some of the women stated that they had been on their phones as they were walking when the attack took place. One woman claimed that she was attacked while walking home. Another claimed she was attacked while on her way to work and another asserted that she was attacked while walking her dog. Two of the women who were punched described their attacker to be very similar; it is possible that the aggressor was the same in both cases. Since March 17th, a dozen women have shared that they were attacked and two of the women went as far as to file police reports.  

One of the women involved in the attacks, Halley Kate Mcgookin, posted to TikTok on March 25th, stating, “You guys, I was literally just walking, and a man came up and punched me in the face.” Mcgookin went on to file a police report the same day. The video Mcgookin posted on TikTok had 49 million views and consisted of comments that tagged other women who experienced similar attacks. This included Olivia Brand. On March 17th, Brand posted a video stating she was also punched in the face. She goes on to say that the man said “sorry” and further went on to punch her in the head while on the sidewalk. A third victim, Mikayla Toninato, also commented on Mcgookin’s TikTok post; she too had been walking when a man approached her and hit her in the face while she was looking down at her phone. Following Toninato’s attack, Sarah Harvard was also attacked on March 19th while in the Lower East Side. Harvard did not post information regarding her attack on social media unlike the other victims; however, once she witnessed a buildup of posts about the same attacks, she explained her similar situation on Instagram and Twitter, following with a police report filed on March 27th. Selena Pikanab and Karina Dunford, two additional victims, also released posts on social media describing comparable incidents.  

So far, the New York Police Department has arrested a suspect: 40-year-old Skiboky Stora from Brooklyn. Stora has been charged with misdemeanor assault in Mcgookin’s attack. During his arraignment, Stora pleaded not guilty but was still in custody. Skiboky Stora has an interesting past as well. In the last three years, Stora launched long-shot bids for government positions such as governor, mayor, and city council member. On social media, it has been documented that Stora’s posts consists of pictures of him posing shirtless while appearing in front of a Donald Trump flag. On the darker side, many of Stora’s posts include videos of him harassing women as they are going about their day on the subway or street.  

In many areas of New York City, there has been an increase in misdemeanor assaults. Especially now, women are the main target. It is important for women of all ages in New York City to be aware of their surroundings, especially since men have assaulted many women this past month. Women should not have to worry about having to deal with such circumstances, however, everyone in New York City should take precaution in order to prevent these circumstances. 



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