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Clark and Charlotte's Lovely Marriage Moment

By Nora Chery

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

Clark and Charlotte's Lovely Marriage Moment

Image provided by Unsplash

"Ahh -- Bills. Better do some bills. Let see, Water, electric, loans, mortgage…just bills. Bills bills bills bills bills bills bills bills bills bills, still more bills, bills bills bills bills—bills BILLS BILLS BILLS-Oh, Charlotte! Hello, darling." 


*Door creaks* 


"Hello. I just thought I'd walk by and bring you something to drink while you're working." 




"Thank you…dear." 


"You still haven't come down for dinner. Should I bring the food, too?" 


"No. That’s fine, I'll come down when I'm finished." 


"It'll get cold." 


"I'll reheat it, it’s fine.” 


"Alright then…" 








"Oh, not now Charlotte!" 


"What!?! A loving wife can't kiss her loving husband?" 


"Not while the working husband is paying for the bills that still have yet to be paid and are due to be paid." 


"Well those bills can wait, the taxes can wait. Your stupid job can wait!" 




"Clark, if you can't eat the food, I cook for you or even let me kiss you on the cheek, then what am I!?! I’m just a mother, and now that's…practically meaningless. Oh…why do we even keep that damn booster seat--" 


“I’m so tired of your complaining, acting like you’re some poor ol’ housewife. Why don’t you just get a job, quit being an annoying crybaby, and quit wasting my time?” 


“Oh, that’s just like you Clark, you always treat everything with disdain and resentment. Everything always annoys you, I always annoy you. You never even try to sympathize with me, YOU’VE NEVER BEEN BY MY SIDE.” 


“Tell me. Tell me why I would I ever be on the side of a woman who couldn’t even get around to watching our own 2-year-old child because she was too busy messing around with Jim McPherson in our own home.” 




“What? I what?” 




“That’s exactly like you Charlotte, like a toddler. You can even throw that broken teacup at me if you’d like.” 


“You’re DISGUSTING. I want a divorce. Do you hear me!?! I want a divorce!” 




“I’ll go get it.”  


“No, I’ll go get it.” 




“Hello?…Oh, hello Anne…Yes, everything is fine. Clark is fine, we’re both fine…Yes…. It is difficult but we’re sticking together, through this…Thank you, Anne…Goodbye.” 






“I’m sorry. I’ll clean this up.” 


“No, I’ll clean this up. You go down downstairs, I’ll join you in a bit.” 


“I’m sorry-“ 


“Charlotte, I said I’ll join you in a bit.” 

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