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Entertainment & Media


By Habib Rattani

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021


Image provided by Play Station

EA Sports produces FIFA every year around the end of each year. The game is usually a hit or miss, and the quality of the game has decreased by a lot over the last few years. The last game they made which was considered fun was FIFA 17. Since then, the creators have gotten lazy due to lack of competition and they don’t seem to add anything new to the game knowing fans will still purchase it. I grew up playing soccer, so I drifted towards liking this game. FIFA used to be so much fun and such a good game, but the last few years it just brings annoyance and disappointment due to the lack of creativity.

Some of the pros of the product are that it looks very realistic and produces a real feel as if you're in the game. There is one game mode called Ultimate Team which brings in most of the revenue and attention. It's a game mode where you can build your best team, based on the chemistry involved, and play with legends from the past as well as compete online for prizes. The game has turned from a pleasurable experience to the game becoming lackluster. Some cons are how the game doesn't seem like a game anymore and nothing new is ever added due to no competition. Some of the best examples for the game could be FORTNITE and NBA2k. All these games are similar in the idea that they have no competition, so creators don't add much of anything new; they have certain game modes that bring in the most revenue. All these games are very popular, but more effort could be put into any of them instead of just updating players and selling the new year’s version.

I often reminisce about how good it used to be and how many memories I created from it. The game has become too dull and I don’t enjoy it as much anymore. Due to the reputation of the brand, players continue to buy the game due to promises being made by the company which go unfulfilled. Many others seem to agree with me on this topic. Other players feel like EA could make the game so much better if they put the effort in and they could make something very special. I used to love playing FIFA, but now I gravitate away from it due to the rage it causes. There are many issues and broken glitches in the game which makes it so annoying to play. If the company put in effort, the outcome could be so different.

FIFA used to serve as my favorite game. I used to watch YouTube, talk about it, and play it. All in all, I loved FIFA. The game used to bring so much joy, even when I got angry with the experiences it brought playing against my friends, which are unforgettable. However, recently my opinion has switched, and my current favorite game is NBA2k. It brings around the same experience, but the competitive anger I feel is a fun type of excitement. The game isn't very good, but it is fun to play and reminds me of the experiences FIFA brought. I would recommend this game, but the servers are not the greatest. Quite honestly, they are horrible, but at this point anything is better than FIFA.  FIFA could produce a masterclass in sporting games if they put in the time and effort.

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