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Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024


Image provided by Elaine Ching

In the quiet of dawn, where dreams take flight,  

Inspiration whispers, a beacon of light.  

It dances on breezes, a muse in the air,  

A spark in the heart, a passion to bear. 


In the depths of despair, it's a lifeline of hope, 

 A lifter of spirits, a boundless scope.  

It paints the world with colors anew,  

Inspiration, a friend, forever true. 


From nature's wonders to stories untold,  

Inspirations are treasures, more precious than gold.  

They fuel our ambitions, ignite the soul's fire,  

A force that propels us to reach ever higher. 


In the darkest of nights, when shadows surround,  

Inspiration's a torch, a love that's profound.  

With words, art, or music, in all that we do,  

Inspirations create, and dreams they pursue. 


So, cherish these moments, these gifts from above,  

For inspiration is the heartbeat of life, the purest of love.  

It's the whisper of angels, the courage to soar, 

 Inspirations are timeless, forever, and more. 


In every sunrise and each silent star's gleam,  

Inspiration resides in life's vibrant stream. 

 A wellspring of power, an eternal muse,  

Inspirations are boundless, in them, we infuse. 


They guide our endeavors, through journeys unknown, 

 Inspirations as captains, our hearts they've shown.  

In the tapestry of life, they weave, and they blend, 

 A source of creativity, with no limit or end. 


So, embrace their embrace, let inspirations ignite,  

Your spirit and dreams in the day's brilliant light.  

In the dance of existence, through each twist and turn,  

Inspirations shall guide you, make your soul burn. 


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