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Netflix Recommendations for each Genre

By Isabella Menjivar

Volume 1 Issue 2

November 24, 2020

Netflix Recommendations for each Genre

Original artwork by Isabella Menjivar

Over this year’s quarantine, we all can agree that we’ve found ourselves becoming more reliant on TV shows and movies to stay entertained. So, I’ve picked a TV show or movie from different genres that I believe are worth watching!


Unsolved Mysteries

This show is 10/10 if you love making theories or seeing detectives piece together clues. As someone who now gets bored easily when watching TV, I can guarantee you this series even kept me entertained and in suspense while watching. What makes it so captivating is that watchers are left with only the clues and strong leads in the case, so how you interpret the unsolved mystery is up to you. The stories are as detailed as they can be, by including family members of the victim talking throughout the episodes.


Enola Holmes

Even though it takes place in the 1900’s, this movie switches between thrill and heartwarming scenes that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Watching Enola navigate her own life offers some beneficial life skills to the audience too! We also meet Enola’s two brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. If you’re fascinated with London, you’re in luck because that’s where this movie takes place. Millie Bobby Brown from the hit series “Stranger Things” stars in this relatable movie as Enola Holmes.


Work It

This movie will appeal to you if you’re a dancer! It involves an intense competition between two high school teams while one team seeks the help of an expert. Starring Sabrina Carpenter, Jordan Fisher, and Liza Koshy, this movie is filled with comedic moments that high schoolers will definitely enjoy. We also see the main character hilariously struggle to impress her college scout. The movie was super enjoyable, had impressive dance choreography, and characters young viewers can relate to.

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