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New North Staff

Jeselys Vazquez

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

New North Staff

Image provided by Jeselys Vazquez

Hello Spartans! Every year we get new and wonderful staff that make our school community more special than ever before. Ms. Tariq is one of the new school counselors, who stuck out to me and intrigued me to know more about her and share it with students, so you know your new staff better.  

Ms. Tariq has been a counselor for 8 years. Before coming to North, she worked in the city before kids and a family came along. All her life she wanted to be a school counselor, but Ms. Tariq’s life took her to a different road where she worked for the airlines in her college days and traveled around different countries. However, she was going back and forth on wanting to study while working at the same time. Soon as life went on, Ms. Tariq realized that as she got older and wiser, with her heart guiding her to where she is meant to be, she decided she had to fulfill her dream.  

The thing that influenced her job most as a school counselor at North is that her parents were immigrants. Growing up, there were times of struggle, which is why she understands students’ struggles when it comes to education and having the right guidance when troubled and wanting to help her students become successful for their future goals. Especially with having that experience and understanding to push through and work up to the major she wanted, without giving up, has had an incredible impact on how far she has come. Having that personal experience and knowledge helps Ms. Tariq understand the struggles of students and what they go through, how they are feeling, and help guide seniors when going through the change from high school to college. She also guides students through their high school experience, making sure to work their schedule with the classes they need to graduate.  

Some fun facts about Ms. Tariq are that she speaks 4 languages; she learnt them growing up as family and friends spoke, and she worked in a translation center. Ms. Tariq says that work is “Very busy, there is never a dull moment. I look forward to meeting students, and always have a packed schedule due to seniors this time of year.” A daily struggle Ms. Tariq encounters is students not being happy with their schedule: they want more free periods. So far since she started working at North, Ms. Tariq likes the community since everyone looks out for one another and she always receives a friendly smile. However, Ms. Tariq does not have much time to socialize with teachers, to get to know others better, and chat with students often, but she still tries her best.  

Every day, her goal is to make sure all her students graduate the best way possible, get to love North, say their experience was worth it, and be glad to be part of the North family. In fact, Ms. Tariq even has a piece of advice that an incredible, wise woman said to her that has stuck with her till today and keeps her going. “Dr. Small said to me that it does not matter if someone likes you or not, as long as you like yourself, that is all that matters.” 

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