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North Star Club and Mrs. Byrne

By Jeselys Vazquez

Volume 2 Issue 3

January 14, 2022

North Star Club and  Mrs. Byrne

Original photography by Christy Mansfield

Hello, my name is Jeselys Naylana Vazquez and I’m in 10th grade! I’ve recently joined North Star. It is club where you write new articles about different topics of the month or your choice of what you decide to write about. I’ve always wanted to join a club but never made the time to manage my schedule to make time for it. I feel like a lot of people have the same issue or just forget about it, until at the worst times it comes to mind.

My 8th period teacher Mrs. Byrne, the lovely, sweet lady in room 113, assigns her students a quick assignment on watching a video or reading an article and explain our personal thoughts or ideas about it. Sometimes in class on Fridays, she tells her students to check out the North Star page, choose an article we’d like to read, and tell her what we learned or what we got from it.

I enjoyed the times we read the articles from our smart and inspiring writers. It really helps and educates readers in a variety of subject areas. Every time she read my response or called on me to tell her what I learned about the article I read because she was pleased with my answers. She asked me why don’t I join the Poetry Club or the North Star? I said, I’ll think about it”. I asked the leader of the club if I could still join, and she said, “Yes!” Here, I am writing my first article for the North Star and starting to pursue more of what I love, which is writing. Thank you, Mrs. Byrne! And thank you North Star.

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