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Pre-season in the New Normal

By Joseph Garofalo

Volume 1 Issue 3

December 16, 2020

Pre-season in the New Normal

Image provided by Peak Performance

With weeks away from the restart date of school sports in Nassau County, many are still pondering the idea of being able to have our sports seasons. With a sudden uptick in cases all over New York State and a rise in the Covid-19 positivity rate on Long Island, new restrictions could be put into place that could jeopardize our chances to return to a sense of normalcy. Nevertheless, coaches and student-athletes are still optimistic and are beginning to prepare for what will be a jubilant return to the fields and courts.

With the restart date set for January 4th, 2021, the Monday school returns from our winter recess, Coaches have yet to be authorized to begin pre-season clinics, unlike other years. This ruling can affect a team dramatically as it could result in injuries and produce an outcome that is poorer than that if were able to take part in these efficient training sessions. Though never mandatory, many coaches use this opportunity to begin working on key fundamentals as well as getting their student athletes back into a rhythm. Though we are unable to host our own team clinics, personalized workouts can be created and given to you by coaches then can be done by yourself, on your own time. Athletes are recommended to contact your coach or team captains for information on sport-specific drills you can do to help prepare for the season.

Winter Sports sign-ups began on Monday December 7th where kids 7-12 were able to sign up for the sport they desire. Sign-ups are now being administered on a database called Family ID. Parents and students should be mindful of this as changes were made to the original format (in-person, in the gym). If you are in grades 7-8, you must select “NORTH MODIFIED” when selecting your sport; grades 9-12 will need to select JV or Varsity. Other information can be found on the Spartan athletics channel on the Valley Stream North Teams page, or through our very own Athletic Director, Coach Frazer.

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