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Snowball Dance

Max Ching

Volume 4 Issue 3

March 13, 2024

Snowball Dance

Image Provided by Christmas for the City

The second-ever Snowball Dance took place at North High School on January 19th, and many students ranging from 7-9 graders arrived at this event. This dance had the theme of, “A Night in Paris,” and the cafetorium was decorated with Paris-themed decorations that made it feel like you really were in France. So, because this event was incredibly magical, I’ve decided to go over this event, such as the music, food and refreshments, decorations, along with student opinions, and what they thought about this event.  

One particularly important detail for dances is music, right? Well, what songs were played you ask? Well, the DJ made sure that the songs he played were good, and they sure were. Songs like “Flashing Lights,” and “Runaway” by Kanye West were played. Some other songs that played were “Shut Up and Dance,” “Macarena,” “Call Me Maybe,” and many, many more. The DJ made sure that everyone had a fun and wondrous time.  

Another especially important detail for a dance is food and refreshments, and the district made sure that students had plenty to eat. The Crave Shack provided many delicious foods that students enjoyed. Some of the foods served were burgers, chicken tenders, French fries, and more. Along with the Crave Shack, pizzas were also served in the latter half of the dance. There were also many snacks, like pretzels, and chips, along with many desserts like cookies and brownies near the end of the wonderful event. Foods were all served by staff members and PTA members.  

Since the theme for this dance was “A Night in Paris,” there were sure a lot of Paris-themed decorations at this event. There were dark-colored Paris-themed decorations on the walls, there were decorations on the stage, decorations on the tables, and there were multiple Paris-themed decorations all over the cafetorium. Another big hit for decorations was the photo booth, right near the stage, where students could take photos, along with accessories that matched the theme of this occasion.  


Like I previously mentioned at the beginning of this article, I promised that I would state what multiple students thought of this occasion, like what they enjoyed, and what they wanted to be improved, because what is the point of covering something, without people’s opinions? Anyway, the first opinion I have is from a student named Kyle Cooper. Kyle says “It was a crazy but fun experience. I have no complaints.” Another student named Rachael Marto says, “The music was good, the activities were fun, and it was fun, but the downside was that we had to wait a while for the food.” A third student named Anthony Disalvio says, “I wanted more food, and more details like lights.” The fourth student is someone who didn’t want their name in the article. This anonymous person states, “I think the dance was fun; it was very good but also, I think there was a bit of a crowd in my opinion. Overall, it was very fun and had a lot of music, food, and everything in general was well done so the dance in my opinion was good.” So, it appears that while those students enjoyed the dance, they wanted the food to be served a little bit sooner and that they also wanted more details, like lights and decorations, and more food.  

Overall, that was the Snowball Dance. That was my report on the songs, food, decorations, and student opinions. Overall, the Snowball Dance was a very, very wondrous occasion, and I hope that there are more events like this in the future. 

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