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Science & Technology

The Life of a Jellyfish

By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 2 Issue 3

January 14, 2022

The Life of a Jellyfish

Image provided by Numeral Paint

Plunge deep into the dark sea

Where there are many wonders to be seen

Pearls as small as a pea

Fishes that are bright green

But the most wondrous of all

Is the one that shall never fall

They’re shinier than your shoe polish

These beautiful jellyfish

Some glow in the dark

They really know how to leave their mark

Others are the most venomous of all

One touch and you’ll fall

Some jellyfish are vegetarians

Others are pescatarians

The scariest of all jellyfish

Are the ones that eat the other as a dish

Jellyfish don’t settle down

How do you think they get their crown?

They drift throughout oceans

Going through several motions

They live all over the world

Their arms and tentacles have never curled

Such fascinating creatures

They go on so many adventures

However, don’t get a jellyfish sting

Or else you’ll never be able to sing

These wonders don’t like to be tampered with

They’ll leave you battered

Gorgeous, yet deadly

After all jellyfish aren’t known to be friendly

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