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The Shadow

By Huan Evo Alipio

Volume 2 Issue 3

January 14, 2022

The Shadow

Image provided by Bustle

A shadow creeps up behind

While the wind hits the chime

It may appear at any moment in time

Day or night it might come

But you’ll never know where it’s from

Don’t be stunned by its shape

As it will follow you with a big cape

Even though a shadow is quite simple

It should never be underestimated like a quick ripple

Because it goes wherever you are and is within your body

Or sometimes that shadow can be your own Rocky

A shadow can be a positive and a negative

A shadow can also be seen from many perspectives

It must be remembered that a shadow is not a willing element

The same reason why it's housed inside your body making him a resident

Even though a shadow cannot speak

That same shadow is undoubtedly unique

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