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The Traitors Game Book Review

By Leah Ally

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

The Traitors Game Book Review

Image provided by Scholastic

After years of estrangement abroad and away from the public eye, teenage Kestra Dallisor is yet again roped into her father's menacing web of government affairs, as she is ordered to appear for an arranged marriage. The infamous Sir Henry Dallisor is a subordinate to Antora’s high-handed and immortal ruler, Lord Endrick. Aware of Kestra’s royalty status, a group of threatening rebels scheme to utilize it to their advantage. They impose a quest designed for her to retrieve an ancient blade; the only object known to be capable of destruction to the everlasting lord. Things quickly became complicated, as Kestra must choose between loyalty, or her strenuous desire to do the right thing. As two familiar faces cross paths, secrets emerge and intents shift; only one can win the traitor's game.

After reading Book 1 of Jennifer Nielson’s trilogy, “The Traitor’s Game,” it turned out to be a fascinating and enjoyable read. However, as I reached the midpoint of the story, I found it to be lackluster. The story was dragged out and even at certain points predictable due to dull dialogue and action. At the same time, it was interesting to watch how the story played out through Nielson’s impressive writing style. Every character in the story is given novel depth and authenticity, solely based on their actions and why they chose to fight for a particular cause. As readers witness alternating perspectives between Kestra and her captor, the expression of character development is consistent from each point of view.

As you venture alongside Kestra Dallisor, she faces her distinctive battles and comes face to face with who she truly is. She portrays herself to the reader as an effortlessly relatable character, particularly to teenage girls. Ideally, I would recommend this series to readers who enjoy action-packed, science fiction fantasies.

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