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The Warden

By Augustine Magapan

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

The Warden

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Minecraft, the famous and adored overworld sandbox game, has implemented numerous updates throughout the last two years. For instance, new animals and mobs have emerged, along with new and improved biomes and items. These updates have caused Minecraft to diverge from its traditional playing style, allowing players to explore the depths and intricacies of the game. However, Minecraft has failed to develop a strong, powerful mob for many years. This new update consists of a singular mob with an unfamiliar territory within caves. It is known as The Warden.

The Warden is the latest mob of Minecraft’s latest update "Caves and Cliffs” (update 1.17). The mob stands out due to its parallels to a giant blue which lacks all facial features besides a mouth. Furthermore, the creature sports horns along the sides of its head, along with vastly extended arms. While the mob’s physical features are not its specialty, its heartbeat aura at the center of its chest yields utmost importance and prominence. It reminds me of the P.E.K.K.A. from Clash of Clans, another golem-like creature with intricate armor. Furthermore, the Warden’s lack of facial features makes it the first blind mob added to Minecraft. To track players, the Warden will use the sensors coming from the horns to detect vibrations. In that sense, players are advised to utilize sound to distract the mob.

Mojang developers stated that the mob is not meant to be fought, for it has 84 health points. In regular Minecraft health, that is 42 hearts. The primary purpose of the mob is to scare the players and guard valuable loot in its domain. Additionally, the developers have made its attack strength to be 31 hit points (15.5 Minecraft Hearts) which will result in a swift death if players engage contact with the mob. Even with netherite armor (the strongest armor in the game), players will die in one or two hits from The Warden. If the player decides to engage in combat with The Warden, it will become faster and stronger when attacked. Even if players attempt to distract The Warden by using other noises, it is still locked onto the player as they have already inflicted damage upon the mob. It is demonstrated to have an audible heartbeat. The more the mob is attacked, the stronger the heartbeat in the middle of the Warden’s chest grows. Knowing that the Warden is a strong mob that will guard valuable loot in its domain, the domain is not clear yet. These mobs are found in deep dark caves, located within the deepest depths of the world. In this terrain, the area is very dark which makes the environment nonvisible to players. This allows The Warden to scare and attack players. Additionally, if The Warden is near, all light sources will flicker.

Overall, I believe that this mob will bring more challenges and thrill to Minecraft due to its overpowered physics and its scary aura. Some players have begun making conspiracies and theories about the new mob as well. Additionally, The Warden has become an immensely popular mob on the internet for some time and some fans even got a chance to experience gameplay with the mob.

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