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By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 1 Issue 7

April 22, 2021


Image provided by Grateful

My family’s full of traditions

Big and small

More are added like new additions

What if I don’t answer the call?

10th Birthday

Should I follow or not?

Take a turn, enter a new hallway?

Or should I follow what I was taught?

A few months later

It’s time for another

Should I be the traitor?

Or follow my mother?

So many questions

To be answered

Can you offer any suggestions?

Or will they be left unanswered?

3 years later

Time to cross a boundary

Tradition as big as an alligator

I can’t break the rules voluntarily

Traditions are the building stones

For my family’s foundation

Valued like my ancestor’s bones

Break them you’ll end up in probation

There are flaws in some traditions

Bridges too old to cross

I know my ancestors’ ambitions

But I can’t afford the loss

I want to explore

Not be trapped in a house

I want a dog to adore

I don’t need a spouse

I want to write

As well go into the sciences

I know it’s hard but why not take a new bite

Just like we change appliances

A little change wouldn’t hurt

We can keep our ancestor’s legacies

Change ourselves for the better spirt

And in our heart keep their memories

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