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Valley Stream TOPSoccer: End of Fall Season Party for Players

By Many Layachi

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

Valley Stream TOPSoccer: End of Fall Season Party for Players

Image provided by Manal Layachi

On November 19th, 2022, the Valley Stream TOPSoccer Team had their last practice and end-of-the-fall season party. This program was founded by my father, Azzedine Layachi, in 2014 for my brother Zak. My brother, Elyas, as well as other buddies and I, teach kids with disabilities how to play soccer. This year, many new kids joined which was exciting. It was a chilly fall day, and the event was held at Firemen’s Field.  First, the players went to play soccer outside. Then, every player had an individual picture taken, and later, a group picture was taken. After, my father gave out medals to every player and took a picture with them. Lastly, the kids’ favorite part was all the snacks and goodies. Everyone had an overall good time. While the fall season coming to an end is sad, we can all look forward to the spring season.  

I interviewed Azzedine Layachi, Zak Layachi, Elyas Layachi about this event. 


Are you sad that the soccer season is over? 

“Yes, because I am going to miss my friends and playing my favorite sport with them.” 

Did you have fun this season? 

“Yes, because I was able to teach my friends how to play soccer and I loved the drills and scrimmages that we did.” 

What did you think of the party? 

“The party was amazing because the coach handed out awards to everyone and there was a lot of delicious food.” 

Are you looking forward to the spring season? 

“Yes, because I look forward to seeing new players and making new friends.” 



Are you sad that the soccer season is over? 

 “Yes, a little because the kids did not want to stop playing. It was great seeing them getting into it and loving it. However, since this is just a break until the next season, it is OK.”  

 Did you have fun this season? 

 “The fall season was great because many new kids joined the program and most kids made remarkable progress in playing the ball and following the coach's instructions. The parents were elated by the existence of this program which gives a unique chance to their kids to play the ‘beautiful game,’ as soccer is known.”   

Why did you find the TOPSoccer program at the Valley Stream Soccer Club? 

 “The reason is quite simple: I was looking for a club with such a program for my son Zak who has a disability. After trying many clubs in surrounding towns and found no fit, I asked my soccer club if I could create a TOPSoccer program in Valley Stream. After a while, I finally received the agreement and support I needed to create it. That was in Fall 2014. As soon as it was created, a good number of kids with disabilities joined. It became a very popular program almost overnight.” 

 How does it feel to make a positive impact on the community? 

 “It is great to see many kids benefit from the program. These kids may never have had the opportunity to learn and enjoy playing soccer because they just could not be accommodated in regular soccer teams and programs. I consider this a duty we owe the kids with special needs.”  

Are you looking forward to the spring season? 


“Absolutely!  I cannot wait to welcome the kids back in the field and help them have fun. However, I am looking for ways to have a winter session if I can find an indoor space that can accommodate us, like I used to do before the pandemic.” 

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