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White Flowers

By Nora Chery

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

White Flowers

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Do you remember when it rained for two weeks straight?  I did and I thought it resulted in a good thing. Sure, the townsfolk, especially my mother, would disagree. 


"They're just flowers dearie," she'd say to me. "The town nearly washed away out of existence due to that catastrophe, and all god could offer is some flowers!?" 


"Beautiful flowers," I retorted softly, perching over to see the flowers clearly. My mother snorted and turned her back towards me, she lifted the hem of her dress and marched through the soaked grass, making her way back home, not far where the flowers are. 


They were beautiful flowers, indeed they were. A beautiful clomp of white lilies, whiter than any lily, whiter that the one’s Mrs. Harper used to sell before her store got destroyed. Whiter than the beautiful dress my mother had to sell in exchange for money and food. Whiter than the clouds that turned to gray ones drenching us with water. 


   They smelled nice with petals soft to the touch, despite the rain. I would spend hours in my garden, tending to them, watching them grow, and dreaming of the day I could finally pick one and bring it inside. 


But then you came along, and at first, I thought you were the answer to my prayers. You were kind, gentle, and you seemed to genuinely care about me and my garden. You even helped me with the watering and weeding, and I couldn't have been happier. 


But then, one day, you took my white flowers. You said you wanted to give them to your sister, who was upset due her destroyed house, and you promised to bring them back. But you never did. 


I waited and waited, but you never returned. And as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, my garden began to wither and die. 


Without those white flowers, my garden was nothing but a barren wasteland. And without you, my heart was nothing but a hollow shell. 


Do you remember when it rained for two weeks straight? I do, and I thought it was a curse. Because that's when my white flowers were taken from me, and the man I thought loved me left me behind. 

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