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By Shinedip Kundlas

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022


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I sat at my desk with no thoughts in my mind. Completely blank. 


I closed my eyes and began to zoom out of the reality we live in. 


Soon I took off into a whole different world. 


A world is full of words, characters, forests, homes, and songs. 


I jumped into a soft pillow-like cushion made out of the softest cashmere. 


Before my eyes, a book landed on top of my lap. The old pages were torn and looked as if they'd been handed down for years. 


I began flipping through the dusty pages. Words flying all around me. 


A flashing light beholds my eyes. 


I suddenly opened my eyes. My eyes fluttered shut again hoping to go back to the world I was just in. 


I opened my eyes and looked at my screen. 


And began typing. 


Words came, and stories flew in from the window. In a flurry, I typed and typed. 


Words soon became sentences. Sentences soon became paragraphs. Paragraphs become stories. Stories became a light. 

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