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Yes or No?

By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

Yes or No?

Image provided by Very Well Family

I just can't seem to decide

Whether or not I want to go on the ride

Should I do it or no?

I don't know what to do

What if I make the wrong choice?

And end up losing my voice

The voice that gives me freedom

The voice that gives advice and wisdom

This is no ordinary ride

It can take me to the wrong side

Unless I take control of my actions

And fight away the distractions

Yes or No?

Do I want to give it a go?

Will I be able to control

All those feelings that come from my soul

Yes or No?

Do I really know where I want to go?

If I lose everything for this one ride

I might regret it all before I die

Yes or no?

Can I really follow all those to do's?

Can I change myself before it's too late?

Or will I remain forever in this state?

My insides are as fragile as glass

While my outsides are as strong as a base

Will I hide my true self forever?

Or will I surrender?

When will I find my wings?

And break those rings of regrets?

One day I will break out of my cage

And let go of all this endless rage

I will shine as bright as the sun

And let go of all those useless runs

To let my hatred go

So I can finish all those to do's

To love with my whole heart.

So when the time comes to depart

I'll be able to open my wings

And to cut all those strings

Those strings that bind me to the ground

Not allowing me to change myself all around

To bring smiles to all those I love

And to rise from the ground to above

Yes or no?

I know the answer now

I must go on the ride

To change my horrible inside

I have to take all the risks

I have to give all my best

To bring that hope

Back to mother's face

To let her dream once more

To let her heart that's so pure

Fill with happiness from bottom to top

And make sure that her dreams never drop


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