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"Ghost" Artist Statement

By Alena Moreira

Volume 1 Issue 7

April 22, 2021

"Ghost" Artist Statement

Original artwork by Alena Moreira

The longer we are apart, the more we fade from memory.

Until we are only left with the feeling of what used to be.

I have memories, stored lovingly in the golden

And silver

And wooden chests of my mind,

Memories I long to hold onto,

But memories that slowly crumble away under the unrelenting ticking of time.

Like a worn photograph, there are tears and rips,

holes and thinning spots,

faded and blurred objects.

Like Luke Merz’s Memory/Loss #9

there are beautiful details and emptiness,

filled only with a feeling of loss.

And now, time has been cruel to us.

We’ve been apart for too long, our only connection a pixelated face,

sometimes with features indistinguishable.

Are you more than a face?

I can’t remember.

You fade away with each passing day, until one day,

I fear,

you will be invisible,

the only proof of your existence the space you leave behind.

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