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By Alanna Tieschmaker

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022


Image provided by The Teal Mango

“ƓìɾӀ į ҟղօա ահąէ վօմ ժҽʂìɾҽ 

ටհ վօմ'ɾҽ ʂմçհ ą ҍąժ ҍąժ Ӏìąɾ”

Slowing down from her previous stroll, the teacher starts to look around. She had heard a beautiful, male voice that seemed to float from the music room. She peered into the room, intent on telling the singer off. It may be enchanting, but it was still a school day.

“į աąղէ վօմ ąղժ į ʝմʂէ çąղ'է էąҟҽ ìէ”

When she peered in, she was shocked by the changed appearance of the music room. Instead of a room filled with stands and chairs, a wide cavern with a dark blue floor. On closer inspection, she found the floor to not be a floor at all, but instead water that soaked the bottom part of her pants. In the middle of the water was a raised podium, with designs depicting waves along the sides. And perched on the top of the podium was an Adonis. He had dark black hair and ocean blue eyes. He was bare chested, which almost caused her to turn away, but something caught her eye before she could do so. Where the man's legs should be was a dazzling tail. It started with a light blue and faded into a dark purple. It was captivating.

“Ϛօ Ӏìʂէҽղ էօ ʍҽ ահҽղ į ʂąվ ìէ"

Her body froze as soon as the words were spoken, and her eyes widened. She tried to look away, but it was useless. Her struggles drew the attention of the man and their eyes met. He made a motion with his hand, urging her to come towards him and to her horror, her body started to walk forward into the water. 

“Ͳհìʂ çօմӀժ ҍҽ քҽɾƒҽçէìօղ

Ⱥ ѵҽղօʍ ժɾìքքìղց ìղ վօմɾ ʍօմէհ”

A liquid slowly crept into her mouth, and she started to panic. It slightly burned and she wanted to spit it out, but she could not open her mouth. She was knee deep in water now and there were no signs of her body stopping. Why was the water so deep?  

“Ϛìղցìղց Ӏìҟҽ ą ʂìɾҽղ... 

Ꝉօѵҽ ʍҽ ահìӀҽ վօմɾ աɾìʂէʂ ąɾҽ ҍօմղժ”

The siren, for that was what he must be, dived off the platform and landed gracefully in the water. As the water reached her chest, she could see him swim towards her, his strong tail rapidly propelling him forward. 

“Ӌօմ'ӀӀ ҍҽ ʂҽҽìղց ʍҽ ìղ վօմɾ ժɾҽąʍʂ ...

ҍմէ į'ӀӀ ҍҽ էհҽɾҽ ահҽղ վօմɾ ɾҽąӀìէվ...”

She no longer had air to breathe from as the water engulfed her. A hand touched her cheek as she started to run out of air. Her vision started to fade and the last thing she saw before she passed out was his glowing blue eyes.


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