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By Gabriela Mensah

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022


Image provided by iStock

Living in a world where society messes with ya head normalizing the notion that your brother is now dead.  


“Mistaken” the officers said he was mistaken for someone he fit the description of a false ascription. 


Six foot tall he stood…damn it, I knew I should've told him to take of his hood. 


We live in fear knowing the end is near 

It’s no longer a game which is honestly quite a shame  


His name was Ben. He was only ten. 

Walking home from school on this day, his birthday was only a week away. 


Black hoodie, sweatpants and those brand new j’s  

Hands in his pocket he was just trying to get home…unfortunately he was all alone. 


Blue & red lights flash in his face! On this day he reached the end of his race. 


He had rehearsed with his parents:  




“Put your hands where I can see ‘em!” he heard. 

Ben could not even gather his words. 


“Officer, Officer please don’t shoot.” The rest of the world went mute. 


“Get on your knees” Ben heard as he pouted in utter fear as he knew the end was near  

“Officer, please do I have to get on my knees?” 


Reaching to his belt, my fear consumed me. 

He pulled out his gun and at this point I could no longer run. 


***BOOM! POP, POP, POP!*** 


Ten year old black male Benjamin Warren shot and killed we already knew the drill. 


The officer received one month’s probation that’s why I’ll continue to pray for this nation  

It’s my obligation. 

All withing God’s creation. 

We need to be awaken’ 


Terrence Crutcher, Samuel Dubose, Sandra Bland, and Trayvon Martin. 


How many innocent lives taken? 

How many hearts have to feel like breakin’? 


For us to open our eyes and realize a uniform can disguise the true lies of the gun that ended that little boy’s fun. 


His name was Ben, he was only ten.  

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