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A Valentine's Short Story

By Catherine Duong

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

A Valentine's Short Story

Original artwork by Catherine Duong

Author’s note: This short story is a fanfiction based on a game called Sky: Children of the Light (Sky: COTL) made by the TGC company. In addition, this story is focused on Valentine’s Day, showing how that someone doesn’t have to be your significant other, it can be a friend.    Key words:  Daylight Prairie – The second realm in Sky: COTL.  This place is typically packed with tons of players, especially ones who are new to the game.  It is a perfect place for those who are social butterflies!   

“They love me, they love me not...,” she mumbled to herself, gently plucking the rose petals and letting them fall on the ground.   

After the last petal fell to the ground, she sighed in defeat, letting the green stem fall as well.   

“Looks like I won’t be finding someone special this year.  Maybe next year I’ll try again.” She said quietly, aware that today was Valentine’s Day, a day when two people spend some quality time with each other, preferably with someone they loved the most.   

To Kalifa, she has been searching for that special someone for a long, long time and unfortunately, that special someone she desires is far from her reach.  

“Ah, it’s Ms. Hopeless Romantic again.  No luck this time?”    The person who called out to Kalifa was her childhood friend, Thea.  The two met when they were born, almost like they were stepsisters.  She wore a bull-shaped mask, representing one of her family traditions, like Kalifa’s family where they wore a weasel mask. Before she replied, Thea sat down across from her, admiring the rose that was encased in glass and glancing at the fallen petals and dried stems surrounding it.  

“You know the deal,” Kalifa simply replied. 

“I ask someone, and they reject, like usual.  At this point, I’m questioning what the meaning of Valentine’s Day is.  Isn’t it a day to spend time with your loved one?”    As Thea was given a question, she replied, “Yes, that is true, however...”  

She paused, carefully lifting the glass covering and taking out the rose, placing it in her hand.   

“It doesn’t have to be someone you love romantically.  Sure, it breaks the stereotype of Valentine’s Day, but I believe that it’s a day where you hang out with someone you care about the most.  It can be a friend, a family member, the list goes on!”   

She then paused once more, placing her right hand on Kalifa’s shoulder.   

“All I’m saying is that you don’t need to go looking for a romantic date, that’s it.  Now, I think it’s time for you to rest on the quest for looking for a girl to date because of this romantic day, all right?”   Kalifa nodded; a bit embarrassed that Thea mentioned her “hopeless romantic” part. 


“Well, how about this,” she said, finding another flower around the Daylight Prairie field (1) and then returning to her spot. 

“If it is a day to also spend time with the closest friend, then... Would you be my Valentine?”   

After she asked, Thea had a small smile on her face, simply saying, “Of course.”  

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