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Aamna's Advice: Schoolwork

Aamna Raja

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024

Aamna's Advice: Schoolwork

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Recently, I have been getting horrible grades in Social Studies. Even though I'm in an accelerated class, it's horrible. I even studied for this test and yet I still failed it. I never thought that I would be able to get such a low grade even though I studied almost the whole day for it. I expected better to be honest. 

My parents also didn't expect me to get such a low grade. They really don't like it when I get a low grade suddenly and they start suspecting that I'm doing something horrible, when really, I'm not. I got really upset when I got such a low grade even though I studied a lot. Social Studies is really a weak subject for me. 


Hello!  Let me start off with this – High school is especially hard to adjust to when you’re first getting into it. I remember the first time I took an accelerated course; my grades were absolutely terrible. High school assignments are much harder than what you’re used to, especially if you’re taking a Regents Exam or an AP. I understand how you feel, and you aren’t wrong to feel this way.  

The feeling of studying and then failing even when you know you tried can be nauseating, and even worse is the worry of disappointing your parents. However, remember that you aren’t stuck in this loop of having bad grades. It’s only the beginning of the year- once you get used to the course, you’ll find yourself performing better than you did initially. Further than that, remember that your worth is not equal to your grades in school. You may worry about failing a class and disappointing your parents, but I’m sure that your grades aren’t the only thing they see in you. They see how you are as a person, how you behave, and how you are morally. If you’re looking to improve in social studies, I’d recommend attending extra help. If you know any upperclassmen who’ve taken the course, you can ask them for advice on how they studied and learn from them as well. If you don’t, I’m here, you can always ask me. Every teacher in the social studies department here is very friendly, so asking one of them for help is a good idea. 

Now, I have definitely dealt with teachers whose style did not match up with my learning style, and I struggled. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer classes to get a different teacher. However, depending on the subject you’re taking, there are other ways to get the help and teaching you need. If it’s is a math class, for example, you can attend the math lab in room 114 during your lunch period and other teachers will be there to help. If anything, ask a friend in a different class when their teacher has extra help, and you may be able to find some helpful resources. This next part is a little controversial, but trust me, it works. Chat GPT is often used for cheating, which you should NOT do as it’s plagiarism, and that can get on your permanent record. HOWEVER, it can be an incredibly helpful learning tool, and you can ask it to explain concepts to you in a comprehensible way. I’ve used it to study for many of my exams. You can even ask it to give you practice questions and explain why your answer is correct or incorrect. AI is very powerful when used properly. You can even ask it to explain concepts in terms you’re more efficient in, such as an analogy to a video game.  

Good luck to you! High school can be extremely academically challenging, but just remember your grades don’t define who you are, and there’s always room for improvement. And hey, even if there isn’t, appreciate the fact you worked hard and care about school. That shows you have sound morals. Remember, I’m here if you need me! 

Signed your friend and Advice Columnist at North Star, Aamna   <3 

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