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Apple in 2022 – WWDC and Future Technologies

By Elyas Layachi

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

Apple in 2022 – WWDC and Future Technologies

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Apple, one of the world’s most prevalent and prestigious technology companies, was founded on April 1st, 1967, in California by the infamous Steve Jobs and his good friend, Steve Wozniak. The initial goal of the company was to reinvent the computer, with its first product release being the Macintosh desktop computer, which essentially revolutionized the desktop computer industry. However, Apple’s goals have later shifted to creating a wide range of revolutionary technologies to shape the world and positively influence consumers, with the introduction of the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, the MacBook in 2008, the iPad and EarPods in 2010, and the Apple Watch and AirPods in 2017.

Now, Apple is continuing to evolve, with the rumored release of its first augmented reality headsets, new AirPods, and new MacBooks. Furthermore, Apple is scheduled to announce its developments for its major operating system updates, including iOS (for iPhones), watchOS (for Apple Watches), iPadOS (for iPads), and macOS (for Mac computers). This article will present some information and leaks regarding the new updates and technologies that are scheduled to be released throughout the rest of the year. Keep in mind that the information presented is that of leaks and are not 100% certain to occur.

June – WWDC

Every year, on the second week of June, Apple hosts its WWDC event, or the Worldwide Developers Conference. At this weeklong event, Apple invites app developers to Apple Park, the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA, to discuss their developments and learn new techniques to develop their apps for Apple devices. Furthermore, on the first day of WWDC, Apple typically unveils its major operating system updates. This year, WWDC is scheduled to take place the week of June 6th, and iOS 16, watchOS 9, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13 (rumored to be named “Mammoth”) are expected to be announced. This article will highlight some leaks of all of Apple’s operating systems except macOS, since not much is known regarding its next major refresh.

Currently, several features are rumored to be released in iOS 16. For example, LeaksApplePro, a reliable and accurate Apple update leaker on Twitter, presents evidence that iOS 16 may bring larger widget configurations to the iPhone, like those of iPadOS 15. They also rumor that FaceTime will adopt a more Zoom-like interface. William Gallagher, a writer for Apple Insider, found leaks that iOS 16 will contain accessibility features such as door detection for navigation, an Apple Watch mirroring feature due to the screen’s small size, and even live captions for video calls. Other leaks do exist, such as possible updates to notifications and car crash detection, but not enough specific details are yet available. For now, we must wait until June 6th for the reveal of iOS 16!

Several significant features are rumored to be released in iPadOS 16 as well. For starters, it’s expected to be compatible with most iPads that were compatible with iPadOS 15, with many features unavailable due to outdated hardware. According to 9to5mac, an infamous Apple leak website, there are two significant features rumored to be released: “a new multitasking interface and revamped look for notifications.” Not much information is readily available regarding how notifications will be changed, but for multitasking, Pro iPad users have been requesting a more Mac-like interface to interact with multiple apps, and Apple may be acting on this request with iPadOS 16. This is all that is specifically known about iPadOS 16 for now, and like iOS 16, all we can do is wait to see what becomes a reality.

In watchOS 9, a number of new features are rumored to be released that will change the way users interact with their Apple Watches. For example, according to, the update is rumored to bring a low-power mode to the watch (similar to that of the iPhone), as well as an advanced atrial fibrillation health feature. Other expected features include new watch faces, possibly redesigned app interfaces, and improvements to the overall UI of watchOS to make it easier for users to use their watches.

iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8, anyone?

In the fall of 2022, Apple is expected to release a number of new products, including a new iPhone and new smartwatch models. The next iPhone models, the iPhone 14 lineup, is expected to contain camera and display changes. It will feature a redesigned selfie camera and microphone, with each being a “hole punch” in the display to maximize screen real-estate (as seen in the newer Samsung models). Furthermore, the screen is rumored to stretch all the way to the edges, similar to how it does on the Apple Watch Series 7, making the bezzles almost invisible. It is also rumored that the rear cameras on the iPhone 14 will be more powerful than ever, with the wide rear camera having a resolution of up to 48 megapixels. Better low light performance in photos and videos is expected, as well as a faster chip (the A16 bionic), faster performance, and possibly USB-C charging (rather than lighting cable charging). The new Apple Watch Series 8 is rumored to have three models according to MacRumors: a 41 mm model, a 45 mm model, and a “rugged” model. All models are expected to have displays similar in geometry to that of the Apple Watch Series 7, and the “rugged” model is expected to have a flat display to increase its durability.

Apple and AR/VR

Apple has not been keeping up in the Augmented / Virtual Reality technology race, with companies such as Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Google having already developed such technology. However, Apple is expected to release an ambitious product this fall or even as early as WWDC: its first Virtual Reality headset. Not much is known about the headset, but leaks show its design to be like those of other virtual reality headsets. What sets it apart from the others, however, is its quality: it is rumored to contain 8K displays in each lens, creating extremely fine resolutions in activities and games for users unlike any other virtual reality device in the market. Such a release has been heavily anticipated, and I can’t wait until it’s revealed, either in June or in the fall!

2023 and Beyond

As you are probably aware, Apple is a company that constantly innovates and keeps its technology ahead of the competition, despite later release dates. Within the next few years, Apple is expected to continue releasing new smartwatch models, phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and earbuds. Furthermore, Apple is expected to release its first Augmented Reality smart glasses within the next couple of years, a groundbreaking and anticipated product. Eventually, it is expected that the iPhone will no longer exist, and smart glasses will replace it and its functions. I hope you learned something new about the technology that is scheduled to be released by the technology giant Apple within the next few years!

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