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As More Republicans Announce, Should Governor Cuomo be Worried in 2022?

By Logan Balsan

Volume 1 Issue 7

April 22, 2021

As More Republicans Announce, Should Governor Cuomo be Worried in 2022?

Image provided by RochesterFirst

Ever since allegations of sexual misconduct were publicized in March 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s re-election chances have been in limbo. Would he run for re-election despite these serious allegations? Would he resign? Would he be impeached by the New York State Legislature? 

As of April 8th, 2021, Governor Cuomo is still seeking a fourth term in 2022 despite the political backlash by many politicians, many in his own party. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Representatives Ocasio-Cortez and other prominent New York Democratic politicians have called on the Governor to resign. However, Cuomo responded that he doesn’t “work for politicians” and that the people should decide. In a poll run by RochesterFirst, Rochester’s local news outlet, a majority preferred a new Governor in 2022 over Cuomo.  

Over the past few days, several Republicans have announced their bids against Cuomo. On Wednesday, April 7th, Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, announced his intentions to run for the Republican nomination. A political novice, he has held no other political office. On Thursday, April 8th, Representative Lee Zeldin of Suffolk County announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination as well. Zeldin currently serves as Representative of New York’s 1st Congressional District since 2015 and previously served in the New York State Senate from 2011 to 2014. Two lesser known candidates are also vying for the Republican nomination: Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli and Businessman Derrick Gibson. Another potential candidate could be Representative Elise Stefanik, representing Northern New York in the House of Representatives since 2015, as she publicly expressed interest in seeking the office on Tuesday, April 13th. 

Traditionally, New York has trended to the left since former Republican Governor George Pataki retired in 2007. The last major Republican politicians in high state offices have since retired or lost re-election. Senator Al D’Amato, serving from 1981 to 1999, lost to now Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in 1998. No Republican has won the NYC Mayorship since Bloomberg in 2009. However, as Governor Cuomo is facing serious allegations and dropping approval ratings, there may be an opportunity for a Republican pickup, which would be the first since 1994 when George Pataki defeated Governor Mario Cuomo.  

Will the Republicans succeed in retaking the Governorship? It all depends on the long campaign trail ahead.  

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