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Ask Ala: Schoolwork, Scheduling, and Stress

By Ala Paruch

Volume 1 Issue 2

November 24, 2020

Ask Ala: Schoolwork, Scheduling, and Stress

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Q. How do I better manage my time?

A. Everyone is different and not every method might work for you; however, you have to try and find out. Regarding time management, making a “to-do-list” using the agenda book usually works for me. You can add your homework as you go through the day in addition to your personal activities. There are obviously other ways to manage your time. You can try setting a routine for yourself. For example, ‘start homework at 5:00 pm,’ or ‘start chores at 6:30pm.’ Routines help you make sure you stay on track. Another important part of managing your time would include knowing your limits. If you feel tired or know that you have other events planned, it is okay to say “no” and not accept someone’s offer. Additionally, plenty of time-management apps exist that you can download on your phone, if you find that you use your phone more often than the traditional pen and paper.

Q. How can I manage my stress?

A. Similar to time management, stress affects everyone differently and can be caused by different stressors. Firstly, you have to try to identify your stressors. It might seem unnecessary; however, it will prove to be crucial. Often, in high school, overload of work can cause stress. In that case, I would advise you to try to make a schedule to make your workload more organized. If tests bring you stress, meditation could help, either right before the test, or every morning. It helps to relax and calm down, as well as has many scientifically proven benefits. If stress often seems to be too much for you to handle, speak up and talk to someone about it. You can turn to your friends or a trusted adult.

Q. How can I improve my grades?

A. Improving your grades starts with the will to improve your grades. This might be the most difficult step, but motivation proves crucial here. Improving your grades will be a gradual process. They won’t go from seventies to high nineties in a matter of one test. You will have to set up a system for yourself to always do your homework, as it is good practice and helps you remember information better and always study before tests. When you have questions about material covered in class, don’t hesitate to go to extra help, ask your friends or even use sites such as Khan academy. It is important to understand the concepts presented in class and apply them with some practice such as homework (as annoying as it may seem). Additionally, if you understand the concepts, you’ll find yourself not having to painfully memorize as much information and you will remember it better.

Hope that helps and see you next time!

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