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Ask Ala: Sports & Clubs

By Ala Paruch

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021

Ask Ala: Sports & Clubs

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Q. Dear Ala,

I have some questions about the clubs and sports here at North high school. One of them is when will all of the clubs and sports open up. Another is what are some that you think are interesting. The last one is what are some of the early morning clubs and sports and some late-night clubs and sports.


King of clubs

Q. Dear Ala,

I have a couple questions about the sports. I want to know about when the baseball team starts, how many people do they let on the team? Also, when do we also get the details about the season? Thank you for your help!

Q. Dear Ala,

I've been waiting for the sports and heard they're coming soon so I wanted to ask when the exact date sports are coming back like track, basketball, and many more.

Thank you,

7th grader who's going to bring many championships to North.

Q. Dear Ala,

I play sports. I feel like sports are never going to come back at North. Do you know when sports are coming back? Thanks.

Sincerely ,

Want Sports, 12

A. Dear Readers!

I have received a few emails regarding sports and clubs at North this year, so I decided to answer them collectively right here. 😊

Regarding sports this year, the 7th and 8th grade sport seasons do not have any season dates, so for the younger grades I am sorry to say that as of now, there are no sports. For the 9th-12th graders, winter sports started on January 4th and are set to end on February 26th.  The winter sports approved for this upcoming season are winter track and field, boys and girls bowling, rifle, girls’ fencing, and girls’ gymnastics.

If you have any more questions about sports, you can check out the articles below to see more information or contact Mr. Frazer.

Valley Stream Central High School District (

Clubs did start this year, though they have been altered accordingly to the new public health circumstances. An Online Club Fair came out on December 4th on the North High School Team page to showcase and advertise all clubs offered by the VSN. You can check it out and see what clubs interest you. These videos will explain the premises of each club, how they work and when they meet. You could also contact Mrs. Italiano, North’s Student Activities Director, for an updated list of clubs and activities.

I hope this helps!

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