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Ask Ala: Valentine's Day

By Ala Paruch

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

Ask Ala: Valentine's Day

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Q. Hi Ala.

During the pandemic, it has become a lot harder to see my friends and talk as much as we used to. I want to keep in contact with them, but I’m not sure how, what would you do?


A. Hello! For sure this is a relatable matter for many people at the moment, so thank you for bringing this up! Keeping in touch with the people you usually used to see at school can be difficult and requires a different approach.

Before the pandemic, school or outside activities could bring you closer to others and it was significantly easier to talk with them regularly because your obligations put you in the same space anyway. However, the current situation demands a bigger sense of responsibility from both parties. You have to be sure to connect regularly, though ‘regularly’ can differ for every relationship since no one relationship is the same. To talk routinely, don’t be afraid to reach out first. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown discussion each time you talk, you can just say “Hi” or check in how the other is doing/feeling.

Managing relationships (whether platonic or romantic) sounds scary, but in all reality, if all parties want to keep what they have worked so hard to build, you will be able to make it. Use this as an opportunity to grow together and get to know each other even better. Small gestures of kindness and care will get you through this.

I hope this helps!

Q. Hi Ala,

Usually, people go out for Valentine’s Day, but as you know things are different this year. Instead of going out, what activities can I do on Valentine’s Day virtually?

A. Hello and thank you for your question!

The pandemic has definitely complicated the year’s Valentine's Day, but we can’t let this reduce its fun or importance.

You can certainly do the old ‘new’ fashioned date through zoom. You and the person you would like to spend the day with can both cook or order a meal and eat it on the call together while having a nice conversation. If you want to go all out, you can order the food for the other person. Be sure to dress up and have everything set up before the call. Another thing you could do is to go on a video-game date and play video games together. If you both like this activity, it might be enjoyable to play some of your favorites. Additionally, you both could ‘go’ online shopping and maybe even get yourselves matching outfits. You could watch a movie together or stream your favorite shows (don’t forget the snacks). Referring to the first suggestion, if you’d like, you can cook the meals together beforehand.

All in all, spending time with each other, celebrating all you have achieved and looking forward to the bright future that awaits you matters most.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope this helps!

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