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Ask Ala: Valentines Day: Two Years Since the Start of COVID-19

By Alicja Paruch

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

Ask Ala: Valentines Day: Two Years Since the Start of COVID-19

Image provided by The Sun

Hello Ala! What can I do for Valentine’s Day this year?

It has been two years since covid-19 initially shut down most of the world. Many activities, including Valentine’s Day gifting, have drastically shifted, for many from in-person to online. Many had to send gifts to their loved ones directly before vaccines became widely available. Now, with more opportunities, these special occasions can become exciting again.

If you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I recommend going back to the traditional activities, and putting on a little twist if necessary. In order to relate to the traditional part of Valentine's Day celebrations, I recommend dining out or seeing a movie at the theatre. Though, as times progress and knowing that every relationship is different, you can consider other options! You can go to the mall, try to pick out outfits for each other, or buy matching jewelry. You can also try baking cookies or some type of dessert (check out the National Baking Month in North Star’s last issue for some yummy recipes).

In my mind, Valentine’s Day can definitely be celebrated around traditional activities, but in your relationship, you should make it about yourself! Do something that you enjoy, so that you have fun! Feel free to think outside of the box and enjoy your day together!

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