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Athlete Spotlight: Kevin Beltran

By Navrosedip Kundlas and Matteo Somma

Volume 3 Issue 4

May 18, 2023

Athlete Spotlight: Kevin Beltran

Image Provided by Valley Stream North XC/Track Facebook Page

Junior distance runner Kevin Beltran has been making waves in the running world with his impressive accomplishments. As a four-time All-County athlete and two-time All-State athlete, Beltran has consistently proven himself an exceptional runner. His talents have not gone unnoticed, as he has been ranked #1 on the Long Island Team in Cross Country by Just In Time Racing. Beltran's achievements are not limited to the team rankings. He also holds several Valley Stream North distance records. As Beltran continues to excel in his running career, we are all looking forward to seeing what he will achieve in the future.  

 Beltran’s Athletic High School Accomplishments (thus far): Four-Time Season All-County Runner for Indoor Track and Field (2021-22), Outdoor Track and Field (2022), Cross Country (2022), and Indoor Track (2022-23) Two-Time All-State Runner in the 5000-meter and the 1000-meter Intersectional Relay #1 Long Island Cross Country Team by Just in Time Racing 

 School Records Held by Kevin Beltran (thus far): Junior and overall, 5000-meter School Record Holder (Cross Country 2022) with a time of 15:47.75 Junior and overall, 4000-meter School Record Holder (Cross-Country 2022) with a time of 12:52.30 Junior and overall, 1000-meter School Record Holder (Indoor Track 2022-23) with a time of 2:33.98 

Junior and overall, 1600-meter School Record Holder (Indoor Track 2022-23) with a time of 4:30.33 Junior and overall, one mile (1609-meters) School Record Holder (Indoor Track 2022-23) with a time of 4:24.57 Junior and overall, 3200-meter School Record Holder (Indoor Track 2022-23) with a time of 9:41.39 Sophomore and overall, 1600-meter School Record Holder (Outdoor Track 2022) with a time of 4:20.40  As Kevin Beltran looks towards the future, it's clear he has already made a significant impact on the local world of distance running. His impressive achievements as a junior have earned him widespread recognition and respect from the running community, as well as VSN students, staff and alumni. Beltran's hard work and dedication to his sport, as well as the influence of VSN Track coaches Mr. Frazer and Mr. Boyens, have certainly paid off, and it's likely he will continue to achieve great heights in the years to come. As we have watched Beltran's scholastic running career unfold, he is a rising star in the sport, and we can't wait to see where his talents take him next.  

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