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Deltarune: A Game Review

By Rachel Ezeadichie

Volume 2 Issue 1

October 8, 2021

Deltarune: A Game Review

Image provided by
Toby Fox and Temmie Chang

Since October 31, 2018, people have been waiting silently for the second chapter of Deltarune. Now it is finally here. Toby Fox has done it again and has created another masterpiece. After Undertale in 2015 and Deltarune: Chapter 1 in 2018, Toby Fox has been working very hard to get the next chapter out to the public. During his live stream on Undertale’s 6th anniversary, Toby abruptly announced that Deltarune: Chapter 2 would be coming out a mere two days later at 8 pm. This got the fandom up and running again, with people all over the world excited for the release of the game’s latest installment.

Deltarune: Chapter 1 is about a young boy named Kris and a monster girl named Susie travelling to another world inside the storage closet of their school discovered while trying to get some chalk for class. Once in the “Dark World”, they meet a goat monster named Ralsei, who says that to leave this world they need to go to the East Castle where a tyrannical king is blocking the dark fountain, which they need to close to go home. Ralsei joins the party and together they venture to the castle. On the way, they meet the king’s son, Lancer, who attempts to stop them but fails. As the group continues, Lancer continuously attempts to rattle their efforts. The game continues with a similar dynamic with Susie joining the villains for some time before returning to Kris and Ralsei, bringing Lancer with her. When they get to the castle, Lancer doesn’t want them to hurt his dad, which Susie promises not to. After defeating the king with some help from Lancer and the kingdom’s subjects, Susie, Kris, and Ralsei go to close the fountain. With a bittersweet goodbye to all the characters you met on the way, Kris and Susie leave the Dark World. When they realized they spent most of the day in the Dark World, they left the school and promised to go back the next day.

The story telling in this game is absolutely amazing. There are moments that make you laugh out loud, and others that make you empathize with the characters. The score also aids in this sense of empathy. The music is so amazing that you almost don’t believe that Toby Fox composed it all by himself. Undertale was created by only Toby Fox and Temmie Chang and the same goes for Deltarune. However, they had a little more help with Deltarune considering it’s going to be much longer than Undertale. Additionally, easter eggs are done magnificently in this game. If you are unsure what an easter egg is, they are small and often-time unnoticeable messages that contain lots of meaning. For example, you can find a hidden room or two with an egg in it. There is a very big easter egg that gives a secret boss though. If you talk to the shopkeeper, Seam, after going to the basement in the castle and talking to the prisoner, Seam will talk to you about setting him free and will give you the first part of the key to his cell. If you solve all the riddles leading to the other key pieces, you unlock an incredibly hard boss battle.

Deltarune: Chapter 1 is free to play on PC, Switch, and PlayStation and it is definitely worth playing. Deltarune: Chapter 2 is also free to play but is only available on PC for now. This game and the creators are amazing and talented, and I would rate this game an 11/10.

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