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Flower Lady; A Sky Children of the Light Shore

By Catherine Duong

Volume 2 Issue 1

October 8, 2021

Flower Lady; A Sky Children of the Light Shore

Image provided by Sky: Children of the Light (video game made by the TGC Company)


1 Home space: The central place in the sky realm; a gathering place for all-sky children

2 Candle running: a process to collect wax from different realms to obtain candles in exchange.

3 Field of stars: A place where the deceased sky children live.

Author’s note: This short story is fan fiction based on a game called Sky: Children of the Light (Sky: CotL), made by the TGC company. The Flower Lady is the Blossom Spirit from the Days of Bloom event, and the field of stars is the last location after Eye of Eden before returning to home space.

Dear Diary,

It has been months since I’ve now been living in the cosmos and stars. Spring has arrived with flowers blossoming, and cool wind flows through my hair. I decided to pay a little visit underneath the blossom tree at home space (1), where I appeared on top of the tree, giving me a blossom cape wrapped around my shoulders and down to my waist. I was unsure of why I had it on, but it looked pretty on me. I also saw a tiny tea set, which was settled underneath the tree’s shade. No one was near, so I glided down onto the moist ground and approached the tea set. It had small smooth gray rocks for seating for two. I noticed two cups of tea, still hot and steam rising and disappearing in the wind. I sat down with my lower legs letting my upper half sit on top, making me sit on my knees. I took a quiet sip, tasting the hot liquid pouring into my mouth. Once I placed it down, a young lady appeared in front of my eyes. She had braided hair with two pink flowers that matched the color of the petals. She also had a pink petal cape like mine, which I can assume she is also a spirit like me! She didn’t say anything at first, taking a quiet sip from her cup, and then she looked at me with my red mask hiding my face. Our eyes locked for quite a while as if time suddenly stopped. I asked the lady,

“I apologize that I took your cup there. Are you waiting for a friend or a family member here?”

Once I responded, she didn’t say a word, but she shook her head, signaling to me that she didn’t wait for anyone at all and sat by herself. I then asked,

“I see... Must have been lonely all by yourself here, huh.”

It was very uncommon to see a spirit who isn’t a fan of talking. Perhaps she can’t speak. We sat together many more moments, and I was asking some questions. One of the answers she told me was fascinating. Once I responded, she nodded her head quietly.

“Do you have any family members or siblings of your own?”

Once I responded, she gave a quiet nod as she placed down her cup of tea and raised her right hand towards the blossom tree that she and I sat below. The petals then started to fall off the blossom tree and began to dance around her, gesturing with both of her hands wide as of saying,

“These are my family.”

She then pointed her left hand towards me, trying to tell me what I thought of. I thought about it for a while. I did have a family of my own. My adopted mom, Ella, and my adopted child, Flare. Speaking about family makes me emotional. That is one thing I wished to see again with an actual body to hug them tight. Tears started to flow out of my bright yellow eyes, my head low and tilting down to the chest. The lady noticed my behavior and reached over my head to tussle my hair a little. Some petals around her started to follow towards me, going underneath my eyes to dry them, and returned to the lady. I then said with a cracked voice from crying:

“I do have a family as well... I miss them dearly. I wanted to give them a nice big hug without going through them. And a small hair tussle, Flare. I wonder if she fits the lion hat that I gave her months before I was gone.   She is the most adorable little thing I ever saw. Her huge yellow eyes staring up at me with little tears coming out of her eyes alongside the lion hat, covering her head and falling on her eyes, was one of the few moments left before I passed. I visit her occasionally. She sometimes asks me to tussle her, which I always disappoint her and myself that I cannot do so, but the urge within her eyes tells me to.  So, when I did it, all I touched was nothing but air. She didn’t feel it, but she appreciated that I tried and attempted to hug me around the waist.”

I then sighed, taking another sip of tea, and I looked inside the cup, which was empty. When I finished talking and paused to take a drink, she had her eyes on me the whole time, listening and comforting me with her body language. This then made my day much brighter. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this. She would have if Flare were old enough to tell her the full details, and for Ella, she was always busy and took her time to candle run (2). When I came to visit, I saw her, passed out on the grass, and all I could do was lay next to her. Once I woke up, I returned to the field of stars (3) again. I completely forgot that I could not stay in the sky realm forever. As I processed these thoughts, I continued,

“All I wanted... was to just to meet them again. Not just to talk and hug them, but to stay with them forever, but I cannot.”

As I finished, she walked over to my side, hugging me as I wrapped my arms around her. As I hugged her, the stars on my body and parts of the cosmos started to fade away. This is what happens when you reach your limit. Your stars and parts of the cosmos that are around you, as if a transparent body for my soul to be placed in like a pocket, start to slowly pull away, and then you return to the starry field. I let go of the lady as I said,

“I have to go now. I cannot stay for long.”

Once I responded to the lady, she gave a slight nod, giving a little wave to me. The wave that she gave me reminded me of when Flare waved at a similar gesture with tears in her eyes. I closed my eyes for a second, and then I looked back at her; now, half of my body disappeared as I waved back. Once I did, I disappeared right in front of the lady, leaving her behind, and I returned to the field of stars.

As I thought to myself right now, I wanted to revisit the flower lady. She seems friendly, gentle, and lonely, but with her petal family that she showed me, it seems that I will keep her company while I’m gone and recharge my energy again for me to wish back into the sky realm again with the same form. I’m also planning to visit Ella or Flare or both today! Let’s hope Ella doesn’t pass out again or Flare is asleep somewhere in one of the realms. I hope the two of them will be protected with spirits like the flower lady. I’ll be heading out now as my energy has now been replenished. I’ll write to you again soon!


Amber Scarlet

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