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Gas leak at North surprises all, results in evacuation

By Alicja Paruch

Volume 2 Issue 5

March 28, 2022

Gas leak at North surprises all, results in evacuation

Image provided by Forbes

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I would like to give you a piece of advice concerning some recent occurrences in our school building. This school year has engulfed us, as both students and staff, in many tragedies and forced us to take responsibility for ourselves and others and, as a consequence, make crucial decisions. Because of all of this, sometimes being in the school building can feel not totally safe and any surprise event or break in a routine can add to, or trigger, stress.

In January, the students of Valley Stream North walked into the building, and they immediately encountered a strong gas smell. Not even five minutes into the first period of the day, most classes changed locations and settled in the gym. While in the aura of uncertainty, students tried to figure out what would happen next, Ms. Bounaspina had to step up and take sole charge of the building, as both Dr. Small and Mr. Jara happened to be absent.

As trivial as this event may seem, and students spent around an hour supervised in the gymnasium, this unexpected event could have resulted in stress for students (as well as staff members).

If you, my dear reader, find yourself in a similar kind of situation, or any time you feel yourself tense up and want to manage your stress quickly, try these fast-acting techniques:

1. Steady your breathing

  • Take some deep breaths until your breathing becomes steady. Try a slow inhale, hold your breath for 4 or 5 seconds and exhale.

2. Consider your situation

  • Try to gauge the situation you are currently in and remember to see if someone is already taking care of the situation. Look for the safe and familiar aspects.

3. Ask questions

  • If you can, ask questions! People around you will be more than willing to help.

I hope this helps calm you down in any stressful moment!

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