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Goodbye Covid, the End is Near

By Manal Layachi

Volume 1 Issue 7

April 22, 2021

Goodbye Covid, the End is Near

Original photo by Manal Layachi

Masks and social distancing.

Loss of loved ones, others are convalescing.

Days full of sorrow and sadness.

Loss of real interaction left me with virtual madness.

Boredom is eating me up, as everything is on zoom.

It fills me up with gloom.

While quarantine can be dark, I found light in it.

More free time for a hermit.

More family time and freedom.

Hello happiness, goodbye darkness, and boredom.

Spring brings hope and cheerful faces.

Soon there will be no masks in all places.

Families and friends will be closer together as in the past.

The sun and rainbow will take over the gloomy sky at last.

Everyone will live in peace and harmony.

Everyone will get through this as one of many.

We will come out stronger than before.

We will overcome this nightmare and live our dream even more.

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