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My Lifeline During Finals Week: Running

Manal Layachi

Volume 4 Issue 5

June 26, 2024

My Lifeline During Finals Week: Running

Image Provided by Manal Layachi




Six hours' worth of Quizlets and practice tests 

When will the exams end? 

I need a break 

Where do I go? 

A place called home: the local park 

I lace up my favorite running shoes, 

tie my hair into a perfect bun 


 I start running 

As I listen to my favorite music, 

the sun shining brightly on my face 

the breeze cooling my body, 

my mind begins to clear 

I feel refreshed and new 

As I get home, I am ready to study again 

The next day, I ace the chemistry regents 

Running is truly a lifeline during finals week 


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