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New Music in our Hallways? Express yourself!

By Stephy Varughese

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

New Music in our Hallways? Express yourself!

Image provided by Elaine Ching

For years, Valley Stream North High School has been playing music in the hallways for special occasions such as spirit week. Our student body and teachers do not necessarily favor or notice the chosen music being played in the hallways. The music selection is generally lackluster and not loud enough to be heard. The current random selection of songs does not provoke the interest of the students, nor does it uplift the students emotionally.   A student-based music committee, responsible for selecting the music that should be played in the hallways, may resolve this issue. The committee should follow basic school guidelines, such as the nonuse of inappropriate language and acceptable innuendos. However, multiple students regardless of their class status, should have an influence on what music should be played in hallways and classrooms. 


 Music is an art form designed to evoke emotion in whoever is listening and the music in the hallways should reflect that. Students should listen to music that makes them feel energized and confident when going to class. Studies show that listening to music can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health. It can also lift the mood of the person who listens to it.  When listening to the current songs in the hallways, students often feel unenthusiastic because it holds no significant resonance to them.  Why not give our fellow students the self-confidence they need to face their next class with the help of the music they love?    Our international students should also be able to express their opinions on the music selections. It is better to listen to authentic cultural music of different backgrounds rather than Disney songs in different languages that are currently being played. Let's face it, we are all not fans of Disney music. A better variety of music would generate a greater understanding and interest in music that people of various cultures are accustomed to. This isn’t limited to traditional songs. If students can listen to modern songs from other countries, then they can get interested in the cultures of other ethnic groups and enjoy the new variety of music. 


  I interviewed several students to ask what they think about the music that plays here at North. Commentators are left anonymous per their request:  “There should be a designated group of students that will monitor the music played. There are many times where there are difficulties or poor music choices throughout our current process.”   “I think a music committee should be established in North because it can help and further connect the students of North by choosing enjoyable songs for the students to listen to in the hallways. I feel that it is best for fellow students to pick these songs out because it allows for proper song choices that students will actually enjoy, rather than having an older staff member pick a song choice that students wouldn’t find enjoyable. Students will listen to these song choices picked up by their peers and feel better motivated while walking to their next class.” 

“Music is cool, and I love music and we should open up everyone to all genres to appreciate music as it is.” 

“There should be a designated group of students that will monitor the music played. There are many times where there are difficulties or poor music choices throughout our current process.” 

“I believe that we should create a music committee because it allows music from other cultures to be played which makes people feel more included. Also, I think that the speakers in the hallway were too quiet so barely anyone can hear the music.’ 


Of the students I interviewed, 92% agreed that the music in North needs improvement in the choice of music and the need for a music committee.  Most students say that they would like to hear better pop songs, rap, indie, K-pop, and other types of music. It seemed to agree that “less cringy” music, such as songs from movies and musicals, should be played in the halls.  

What can be done: 

The music committee shouldn’t be a club or part of a club, but an optional meeting for students interested in deciding what music should be played.  Discussions, polling, and active communication would be beneficial to unite students and introduce new songs to them in the process. All music can be filtered through the teacher/advisor’s approval process and can be decided/voted upon what top music students would like to hear. This way, both teachers and students have a firmer acceptance of the choice of songs. 


Do you want a music committee in North High school or does the current music not affect you? Let us know! E-mail: 

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