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North’s Student Art Scene: About the Heckscher Entries

By Kimberly Shrestha

Volume 2 Issue 6

April 14, 2022

North’s Student Art Scene: About the Heckscher Entries

Image provided by WILW

Recently, many of North’s artists took part in an annual art exhibition hosted by the Heckscher Museum of Art, titled Long Island’s Best. In this gallery, participating students had to create artwork inspired by art showcased in the Heckscher Museum during the ongoing school year. While receiving hundreds of artworks throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties’ schools, only about 80 total artworks usually get chosen for display within the museum. All entries require a written artist’s statement explaining the correlation between student pieces and featured museum artworks. Fourteen of North’s student artists participated in Long Island’s Best this year, creating artwork currently visible in the library hallway display case. While only allowing six entries, each student participating created a beautiful artwork worthy of display in any gallery! Let’s recap the submissions: Entry 1: Inspired by Robert Carter’s Mama Taught Me Piano and Much More” This piece titled My Dream Closeted took inspiration from the idea of collage within art. This artist involves blue and purple elements as a source of comfort within her artwork, illustrating “What [she] imagines [her] future closet to look like” (artist’s statement). Entry 2: Based off of Howard Pindell’s artwork, this piece titled Reflection took inspiration from the depiction of one’s life and the impact words have on others. The artist “conveys love that is felt from the effects of war” and “wanted people to stop and stare and take in the impact of the words [she has] heard”. (artist’s statement) Entry 3: Inspired by Arthur B. Carle’s Nude with Red Hair, this piece titled An Artistic Escape took inspiration from the use of color, shading, and space. The artist mimics “the theme of a human form against a white background” and applies similar concepts of layering, shadow, and light reflection. (artist’s statement) Entry 4: Based off of Emma Stebbins’s Industry and Commerce, this piece titled Aura of David took inspiration from Renaissance art, and the artist’s application of color. The artist mimics “the marble statues made during [the Renaissance period],” incorporating “graphite and a watercolor background to bring life in the aura”. (artist’s statement) Entry 5: Based off of Winslow Homer’s Resting Shepherdess, this piece titled Memory Tree took inspiration from the calmness found within one’s environment. The artist “include[s] items which brought [her] the comfort… the original painting symbolized”. (artist’s statement) Entry 6: Inspired by Risaburo Kimura, this piece titled “Time” took inspiration from the formation and repetition of shape within art. This artist used shapes to create “repetition in Time, with there being multiple clocks, in different shapes and sizes”. (artist’s statement) Entry 7: Based off of Ralph Albert Blakelock’s The Poetry of Moonlight, this piece took inspiration from the feeling of calm at night. The artist creates “a clear night sky with a breeze, the black swirls depicting the wind, the bright yellow spots depicting the stars”. (artist’s statement) Entry 8: Inspired by Robert Carter’s Mama Taught Me Piano and Much More,” this piece took inspiration from the illustration of the feeling of love and security within a homely environment. The artist creates “a homely and intimate ambiance” and uses “space and layering… to create the same effect [produced within the inspiration piece]” (artist’s statement) Entry 9: Based off of Roy Lichtenstein’s Seascape, this photo titled Lake Harmony took inspiration from the depiction of the sea, trying to capture the perfect photographic representation of it. The artist captures “the rugged look that Lichtenstein did with the… blue dots” and implements her own artistic inclinations throughout the carefully taken photo. (artist’s statement) Entry 10: Inspired by Risaburo Kimura, this piece titled St. Basil’s Cathedral took inspiration from the bold and bright colors featured within the artwork. The artist chose to depict “cityscapes, particularly architecture” and focused on the beauty of religious architecture. (artist’s statement) Entry 11: Based off of Rosalia Rosato’s Loneliness, this piece titled Broken took inspiration from the visualization of sadness and emptiness. The artist “attempted to convey [feelings of] stress and anxiety… symbolizing how fragile and weak a person can feel during these moments” (artist’s statement) Entry 12: Inspired by George Grosz’s I was Always Present, this piece took inspiration from the portrayal of chaos through bold application of color. The artist creates a “skeleton figure [that] appears to be surrounded by wealth … and power but remains unhappy” to portray the idea that greed continues to limit and hold back people”. (artist’s statement) Entry 13: Based off of Robert Carter’s Mama Taught Me Piano and Much More,” this piece titled Him took inspiration from the depiction of meaningful people and moments in life. The artist creates “textured strokes of digital paint” to emulate “the applications of medium and illusion of space from Carter’s artwork”. (artist’s statement) Entry 14: Inspired by Joseph Hirch’s Moon Dreamers, this piece titled Breakfast at Kimberly’s took inspiration from the depiction of intimacy within art. The artist “used stylistic choices… to connect to the illusion and idea of landscape” and combines two pieces of paper “to develop the overall artwork”. (artist’s statement)

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