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North's Snowball

By Rachel Ezeadichie

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

North's Snowball

Image provided by North Student

On January 27th, 2023, North High School hosted its first Snowball catered to its 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Located in the school cafetorium, the night consisted of food, drinks, and plenty of dancing. Multiple contests, such as dancing and joke competitions, were held throughout the night. Prizes included gift cards from different food chains such as Dunkin Donuts. The cafetorium was expertly decorated by students and members of our extracurriculars, including the National Junior Honor Society, who decorated, watched, and helped clean up after the dance.   

The Snowball was a massive success among the underclassmen of North. It being the first official dance for underclassmen made it very popular among the 7th and 8th graders, with some 9th graders enjoying it as well. Even outside the school-sanctioned parts of the dance, people still managed to create their own fun. Multiple dance circles were formed, which allowed different students to step out of their comfort zones and dance the night away. The event also created opportunities for underclassmen to meet and socialize outside school hours. Many are busy during the school week and on the weekends, so an event that prioritized the socialization of the underclassmen was highly appreciated. With a total of over 120 students attending, the Snowball has definitely engraved itself into the mind of many underclassmen and has changed the way we view school events forever. 

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