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Nostalgic for Sentience’s Absence 

By William Mullin

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

Nostalgic for Sentience’s Absence 

Original photography from William Mullin

Remember when you were little?

And when you were happy, you laughed

And when you were sad, you cried

Why don’t you do that anymore?

Just because of arbitrary self-restrictions

Or other’s expectations, I suppose

Remember what it felt like?

To be free of self-consciousness

Unknown to the crowd

Why don’t you think like that anymore?

Too aware now and I’m a mess

Imbued with “social anxiety”

Unfortunate that now you can’t even be free with yourself

Simplicity dies, and overwhelming thought takes over

Each choice, no matter how small, needs contemplation

Each conversation requires active consideration

A shame that nothing can be simply what it is

A pity that everything will never be how it was

I miss it.

Both for you and for me.

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