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SADD’s contribution to bringing awareness to P.S. I Love You Week!

By Jeselys Vazquez

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

SADD’s contribution to bringing awareness to P.S. I Love You Week!

Original artwork by Jeselys Vazquez

From February 6th to the 10th, the SADD club has made another active and fun week to spread more kindness in our school community and to love all our chapters. The theme color for 2023 of the P.S. I Love You organization was purple, to support mental health awareness and its importance.  

The SADD club members, as well as other honor society members, helped decorate the entire school. Meaningful messages were placed on each student’s locker. The SADD Club members decorated our main office hallway and the glass display box by the cafeteria entrance; in addition, they were in charge of our daily acts of kindness and plans for the week.  

As Valentine’s Day approached shortly after the end of the campaign, adolescents tend to lean on the idea that it is mostly for lovers. However, if we do not have a significant other, we tend to focus on our insecurity and lack of appreciation for ourselves. With the daily plans for each day, the SADD club was hoping to be more kind to our peers, enlighten someone’s day, and know that we are in this together. Therefore, we should love the chapters we have gone through in our lives because they make us who we are. Even though not all are the best, those moments teach us to grow from them.  

We mature by understanding the right and wrong of a situation, what should be done, and what to avoid next time. With the P.S. I Love You organization, we are here to support the mental health awareness of students to make it an easier academic environment and understanding for one another.  

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