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Senior Appreciation Article: 2022

By Shinedip Kundlas, Christina Ossa, Matteo Somma, Elyas Layachi, and Everton Prospere

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

Senior Appreciation Article: 2022

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Appreciation Messages

Below are a few messages written by the non-graduating North Star staff to our seniors, showing their appreciation for everything the graduating upperclassmen have done for the club:

Craig Papajohn-Shaw – Editor in Chief and Treasurer

“Craig, your time at North Star was impactful, especially to me. As Editor in Chief, you ensured that the club ran smoothly alongside Mrs. Mansfield. Your ideas to promote the club, increase activity, and create a higher standard of writing helped the North Star become a great success. The precedents you set will continue to be used, so thank you for your time and contribution to this club. You will be missed, but congratulations on your graduation and good luck at the University of Richmond.” - Everton Prospere, News Section Editor

Craig, since joining the North Star last year you have helped me in a multitude of ways, from helping write articles to even pushing in Cross Country. Without you being our EIC, our issues would never have happened, and our club would never have been found. Also, without you we wouldn’t have our sports section, or the creation of the Science section. Thank you for coordinating meetings and Issue dates with Mrs. Mansfield, and helping our club run smoothly. Speaking of everyone here at North Star, we are excited to see what you accomplish in the future. Thank you for also helping me pick out my schedule for the following years and balance school, life, and sports. I wish you all the best in Richmond, go Spiders!” I will miss you. - Matteo Somma, Jr Website Designer

Lucy Wu – Senior Website Designer

“Lucy, you’ve done so much for not only North Star, but for me too. I’ve appreciated the time we’ve spent together in classes and coordinating North Star issues; you’ve been extremely helpful to me ever since I joined North Star not only as a mentor but also a friend. You’ve had so many creative and brilliant ideas for the North Star website, and the hard work and time you’ve put into our paper has most definitely paid off. Our website always looks stunning thanks to you, and though it will be sad to see you go you deserve all the success in the world at Hopkins. I appreciate all the time and effort you’ve devoted to North Star and the help and support you’ve given me for all the time we’ve known each other. We’ll miss you very much, Lucy, but the North Star staff and I wish you the best of luck at Johns Hopkins!” - Christina Ossa, Feature Section Editor

Lucy, I couldn’t begin to thank you enough for everything you have taught me this year. Not only have you taught me how to use WIX, but you also taught me to never be afraid to try something new or take a step forward. Thank you for helping me select classes for next year and thank you for always responding to my late-night texts when I need help. Though, you haven't just helped me, you help North Star as a whole. From making sure we get every article in to spending countless hours formatting our website, we couldn’t thank you enough! Without your help our club could never have happened, you along with Mrs. Mansfield and our other senior editors have helped to create a safe and creative place for all students at Valley Stream North High School. On behalf of our whole club, we wish you the best of well-deserved luck at Johns Hopkins, go Blue Jays!” - Matteo Somma, Jr. Website Designer

Eva Grace Martinez – Polaris Section Editor & Lead Photographer

“Grace, thank you for everything you have done for North Star! Every meeting, you would always bring great ideas to the table to be included in each issue, and not only in your section, but for other sections as well! You were very helpful in giving new writers ideas for articles, and we all appreciated that very much! Your section has been a joy to watch develop and thrive, and I hope you continue to develop Polaris-like content wherever you are continuing your academic journey! Without your leadership and willingness to help members, I’m not sure if the North Star would be as successful as it is now. Thank you so much for your hard work, and we will miss you so much! Good luck in the rest of your academic career!” – Elyas Layachi, Science and Technology Section Editor

Alicja Paruch – Advice Columnist

“Ala, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to North Star. The advice column has helped so many students and inspired many. We appreciate your role in the North Star. Your dedication and contributions to North Star have made a huge impact on our issues. The advice column has worked as a resource for students to ask questions about school and other things. Thank you for always helping and guiding me whenever I needed guidance. You have always been helpful and supportive whenever I have any questions, which I truly appreciate. The advice column will continue to help our students, and we are grateful for your work as our advice columnist. Thank you for being an outstanding editor and friend. I hope after graduation you continue to inspire and help many with your advice and kindness! We will miss you, congratulations and best of luck with your journey ahead! - Shinedip Kundlas, North Star writer

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