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Should sports go on?

By Ismaela Andre

Volume 1 Issue 3

December 16, 2020

Should sports go on?

Original image provided by Valley Stream North

Covid-19 is still around. Many schools and jobs began to open, but should we do the same with sports? In August of 2020, the Governor of New York announced that all school sports could start practices and minor meets starting September 21st, 2020. That changed soon after as Governor Cuomo decided to cancel all scholastic sports. Currently many New York City high schoolers are in full remote until 2021. This is because the COVID-19 cases are beginning to increase in New York. Also, in New Jersey, all high school sports were just cancelled due to the new Covid cases. Do you think our school should do the same?

On December 7th, 2020, our school announced Winter Sports sign ups. North will begin low risk sports like track, bowling, and gymnastics. The high-risk sports are on a pause due to Covid. Do you think this is ok?

During my interview with an 11th grader, she stated that ALL sports should not go on. She stated “There is close contact within every sport. This can cause COVID to spread.” She also stated “Winter sports especially should not go on because it is cold, so many students might catch a cold. This cold could pass on and turn into Covid.” This student is correct, but I interview a 9th grader who said “Sports should go on because many kids want to interact with other people. Also, during summer many kids had to stay at home and did not get a chance to interact with family and friends.”

Both students have a point, but with whom do you mostly agree?

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