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Art & Culture

The Culture Society's "Just One Africa" Event

By Cody Sung

Volume 1 Issue 8

June 8, 2021

The Culture Society's "Just One Africa" Event

Image provided by Just One Africa

The Culture Society is a club that is about sharing and learning about cultures from around the world. The club tries to widen your view of the world, and widen your understanding about different cultures. During the pandemic, virtual presentations have been done over Teams to replace in-class presentations. The Culture Society holds a lot of events about different cultures and holidays, and other events, such as an event called Just One Africa.

Just One Africa is a nonprofit organization that mainly aims to provide communities in Kenya with clean water, in case they don’t have clean water. A lot of communities in Kenya don’t have water without diseases. They assist by providing communities with special portable water filters and hygiene lessons to prevent the spread of diseases. They also provide lessons on how to use the water filters. Unlike other nonprofit organizations who just give the water filters and then leave, Just One Africa checks up on the communities they touched and provide help and support in case something went wrong while they were away. Clean water helps the communities focus on other issues, not just finding clean water. It also helps communities be healthier and less vulnerable to disease.

The Culture Society invited Just One Africa to do a presentation about their work and how to help and make a difference. The presentation was amazing. We got to watch videos on Just One Africa’s work, got to see the filtering system and the technology in action, and the change it made in the communities and people’s lives. At the end, we learned how to help, and that was just by spreading the word about the water crisis in Kenya and what’s going on there. Two follow-up meetings were held. One of them was a bracelet-making session, with supplies from Just One Africa. The other was a meeting on what a “Water Ambassador” was and how to become one. Overall, I’d say that was an amazing and interesting presentation that really opened my mind to problems around the world, and how we can easily help others.

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