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The Long Island Arts Alliance Scholar Artist: Alena Moreira

By Sophia Rhall

Volume 1 Issue 1

November 1, 2020

The Long Island Arts Alliance Scholar Artist: Alena Moreira

Original artwork by Alena Moreira

The Long Island Arts Alliance, or LIAA, is an organization that supports nonprofit arts, as well as arts education across Long Island. The Scholar Artist award is a prestigious one given to the “best of the best” on Long Island each year. This year's Scholar Artist is our very own Alena Moreira! The Scholar Artist award is in collaboration with Newsday, and the New York County Bank Foundation, so the Valley Stream North community can watch our talented peer appear in Newsday to represent her gorgeous art and represent our community of artists here at our school. 

Alena is a senior at North High School who has been creating art since she was very young. Since her mom was a graphic designer, art was constantly surrounding her, fueling her passion for it. Alena began submitting to art exhibits in elementary school and moved on to competitions in her sophomore year. According to Alena, her favorite thing about art is that it can “mean different things to different people, but also art can realize the imaginary,” which is what Alena loves most about her creations. As a Visual Arts category applicant, Alena was required to put together her artistic “resume” and her artistic demonstration, a portfolio of ten of her works. She is conflicted about how she wants her art to manifest in her life but wants to help others with it rather than just display it. It’s very easy to tell that Alena will accomplish this and so much more, and we are all extremely excited to see it!

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