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Science & Technology

The Sasquatch: Fact or Fake?

By Matteo Somma

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

The Sasquatch: Fact or Fake?

Image provided by Patterson-Gilmlin

For centuries there have been countless sightings of the Sasquatch, more commonly referred to as Bigfoot, due to its large foot size.  Over 10,000 “witnesses” claimed to have seen a tall, hairy figure walking on two legs. The species Sasquatch in question has been spotted everywhere from all the way north in Alaska to the swamps of Florida. Whether it be a person dressed up for attention or a failed science experiment, one thing’s for sure: there’s something out there.

The common name Sasquatch comes from the primitive ages of the Native People.  Sasquatch is believed to be a simplified version of the Salish word Sasq’sts meaning “wild man” or “hairy man”.  The Salish people, known as the Sta’ailes, claimed to have a close spiritual bond with the Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch can be described as tall and hairy.  But if you look deeper into the Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, and other similar creatures that all fall under the Sasquatch profile, you can see a common theme among all of them; muscular and slim.  Unlike bears, the Sasquatch is very muscular and thin.  Also unlike bears, the Sasquatch towers at an outstanding 9 feet tall and is rarely seen on all four legs, rather standing on its hind legs like humans.  The Sasquatch is also reported to have ape-like footprints similar to humans but substantially larger.

In the United States, only one state out of fifty has yet to report a Sasquatch sighting and that would be Hawaii.  The Sasquatch has been reported in countries all over the world such as Russia, Switzerland, Canada, and Indonesia.  While not all descriptions match North America's description, they all fall under the same category or tall, muscular, hairy, and walking upright.

One of many theories on the Sasquatch is that it is a group of Neanderthals that never died off or developed into modern-day human beings.  A prime piece of evidence for this is Zana.  Zana was a female Sasquatch/Neanderthal that was captured in the Russian wilderness in the 19th century.  After the Russian government captured Zana, they kept her in a cage for the rest of her life and experimented on her.  Recently a British scientist who goes by Bryan Skyes (a professor at Oxford University) has taken DNA and silica samples of the descendants of Zana, and his findings were remarkable.  He found that Zana was a Sub-Sahara African that was probably once a slave during the ruling of the Ottomans.  He also found tracings of Neanderthal in their DNA, more than the average human would have, at least.

Billions of dollars have been put into proving the Sasquatch’s existing but almost all have come to a dead end. So that question lies on you, is the Sasquatch a fact or a fake?

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