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To Blush or Not to Blush?

Giancarlo Oliveri

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024

To Blush or Not to Blush?

Image provided by Patrick Ta Cosmetics

Makeup trends have evolved significantly just in the past decade alone. From matte-based looks with blinding highlighter, to the current dewy clean girl makeup, many have shortened their application time from hours to minutes at a time. Notably, one of the greatest changes to date is blush. Ever since the Ancient Egyptians first rosy-d their cheeks, many consider blush as a staple of their makeup routines. However, with increasingly popular methods of powder, liquid, matte, and cream blushes on the market and the recent I’m Cold Girl makeup trend, based on appearing flushed, many think blush usage has gone overboard. Has it?  

On one hand blush elevates one’s appearance as most cosmetics are intended to do. Appearing feminine, rosy, and classic; with prominent usage from pin-up girls in the 50s, to striking 80s supermodels, all the way to the liquid users now. When blended correctly, blush adds a feminine flush to the face! Further, when applied from the temples of the cheek, one looks contoured, adding the illusion of cheekbones, and framing the face in a sharp, almost model-like way. 

On the other hand, blush may add the unintended consequence of sweatiness. As mentioned briefly, the dewy look is in style, with moist setting sprays, and liquid/cream products in power, many look as if they had just perspired. Pounds of blush may add to this effect, with some appearing as if they just ran the New York City Marathon or like a tomato. However, to others this look is appealing, seen with popular actors and influencers such as Sydney Sweeney’s character in the hit-tv show Euphoria, or Hailey Bieber, dawning the look frequently.  

In contrast, the natural, light, no-makeup look has always been applauded. Focusing primarily on concealing blemishes, adding warmth to the face, and appearing effortless and flawless, this look highlights natural features without the time and products needed for other looks. This may also appear more beginner-friendly, with less abstract, time-consuming processes required for other looks.  

The verdict? Completely up to your preference. There is no better way to find out than testing and trying new unexplored methods and techniques. Skyrocketing in popularity in 2016, the YouTube Beauty Community remains strong today, with anyone from Drag Queens to at-home influencers providing tutorials. Also, makeup does not have to be the flashiest, or priciest, with expense ≠ quality. Makeup from your local CVS or Walgreens, otherwise drugstore makeup works as, if not better than most luxury brands, with the bonus of not hurting your bank account. 

No matter your choice however, it is important to note the significance of your dollar. Many popular companies such as Covergirl, Clinique or Maybelline, still readily test on animals in 2023. So, regardless of if you are trying out a new product, remember not to support companies that harm animals. For more information, attached is an article detailing cruelty-free brands: Also, overconsumption, or the excessive buying then disposing of items, remains a prominent epidemic, with millions of products ending up in landfills and later in our ozone layer. Thus, choosing cruelty-free brands that will last, rather than hopping on the next mini-trend is essential to repairing our increasingly declining environment.  

Overall, whether you like the rosy look, the natural look, or an in-between, makeup is a highly diverse form of expression, for anyone and everyone willing to pick up a beauty blender. As such, experimentation with one’s look is inevitable, especially with the diversity of products, and ingredients, most evidently with blush; a staple for many. However, regardless of if you enter a Sephora, or CVS Pharmacy, be mindful with what you spend your money on, as your choices could harm both animal and human health.  

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