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Valley Stream North Breakfast Club’s Performance in Queens

Elaine Ching and Manal Layachi

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024

Valley Stream North Breakfast Club’s Performance in Queens

Image provided by Elaine Ching

Valley Stream North Breakfast Club’s Performance in Queens 

           On Friday, December 8th, 2023, members of North’s Breakfast Club, a select string ensemble that rehearses on Tuesday and Friday mornings under the instruction of Mrs. Hayden, along with other North High School musicians, took a field trip to P.S. 811Q. This is an annual field trip that the students participate in as they try to bring holiday cheer to P.S. 811Q through festive attire, music, and activities.  

           The Breakfast Club started with a performance involving various holiday and winter songs. With pieces ranging from Christmas Carols to Hanukkah medleys, the ensemble brought joy to the students as they played. Students had fun as they sang and clapped along to familiar tunes. However, students mainly engaged with the Breakfast Club on their last song, Jingle Bells as teachers and students sang the Yuletide tune and North percussionists played jingle bells. Meanwhile, Breakfast Club members played the tune on their instruments and walked around the auditorium. Performing Jingle Bells is a beloved tradition by both Breakfast Club members and P.S. 811Q.  

-Concert Order- 

Feliz Navidad 

Happy Hanukkah 

Light the Candles 

We Wish You a Merry Christmas 


Deck the Hall 

Hanukkah Holiday 

Modern Christmas Classics 

Jingle Bells 

               After the Breakfast Club’s performance, the musicians split into pairs to share their instruments with P.S. 811Q students. With violins, violas, cellos, and basses galore students had a pleasure getting to experience playing the string instruments. Some 811Q students even brought in their own instruments; one student brought in his recorder. The sheer amount of joy that the students got from playing the instruments was evident as this was one of the few times they interacted with music at their school. North students were grateful to work with 811Q students, as Arshdeep Singh says, “It really felt like a blessing to work with kids that are not fortunate enough to experience this on a day-to-day basis.” 

           North students displayed great amounts of respect, integrity, and kindness as they led musical workshops in the gymnasium. North students’ love of music was palpable as one could easily see how much passion they had whether it was teaching about rhythm, boom whackers, or the instrumental anatomy of a violin. Just take it from Breakfast Club bassist Sophia Reese who states, “I’m so incredibly lucky to teach and share my love for music with those who are unable to experience music on the daily like we are. Going to P.S. 811Q with Breakfast Club has been one of the highlights of this year and last.” Additionally, Manal Layachi, Breakfast Club violinist, says “I led the music note station where the kids had to write how music makes them feel on a paper-colored music note. It felt awesome helping the kids express their feelings about music. I helped a boy with his music note and he gave me a hug. It was so heartwarming, and I felt amazing after. Making a difference for these children makes me happy and special. It feels good to make a difference and make connections and new memories with these kids.” 

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