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VSN Drama’s Production of The Addams Family

By Lia Frederique

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

VSN Drama’s Production of  The Addams Family

Image provided by Vanity Fair

With the second semester underway, Valley Stream North’s Drama Club has begun preparing their production of The Addams Family musical. The release of Netflix’s Wednesday brought attention to the Drama Club and influenced the decision of the VSN Spring musical. The new directors, Kyra Lamberti and Anya Hixon, are looking forward to their first musical in a unique fashion. Specifically, the directors are implementing dynamic choreography, engaging dialogue, and nuanced crowd-interaction to create an ambient environment for the seniors’ last show.  


Additionally, new props will be employ, underscoring a captivating production. While casting, the directors carefully chose the correct actors for roles which best suited their vocal range and acting ability. In terms of leads, Alain Deen and Marco Alvarez are dually cast as Gomez. Gianna Perlaza will play Morticia, with supporting roles such as Quinn O’Connor as Wednesday, Augustine Magapan as Lucas Beineke, and Rachel Ezeadichie and Isabella Mascetti dually cast as Uncle Fester.  


The Addams Family is the first musical since Once On This Island held here at North. In contrast to the last musical, The Addams Family presents a more macabre, ghastly vibe. Buy tickets for the show being performed here at North on March 31st and April 1st. The tickets are available on MySchoolBucks from opening night to the final performance. 

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