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What is Anime/What is “Fruits Basket”?

By Liliana Ossa

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

What is Anime/What is “Fruits Basket”?

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You may ask: what is anime? If you didn't already know, anime is a type of cartoon show; it's a form of animation from Japan. It is characterized by vibrant colors, characters, and overall energy illustrated through the art style. These elements contribute to the emotion of the story and the characters too. Anime is not just a youth cartoon; it has many subtypes of plots, including psychological, romantic, and action plots. Fruits Basket is a Shojo anime (romance animation) that teaches subtle life lessons, like Shigure (a Sohma family member) teaching Tohru (the main character) how to balance her duties, and includes romantic features in its plot, like Tohru and Kyo's (a Sohma family member) blossoming romance.

“Fruits Basket” is a story about Tohru Honda, an orphan. After she meets Yuki and Kyo, members of the Sohma family, her life changes drastically because of learning about the Sohma family secret! She learns when a Sohma family member is under a high amount of stress, when they're weak or when they're embraced by a human who isn't a member of the Chinese zodiac, the Sohma family member turns into their animal form. When Tohru found out about the Sohma family's secret, she promised to keep it, so Yuki and Kyo allowed her to live with them. Once Tohru learns about the hardships and pain that they have gone through, she wants to help them heal their emotional wounds because she is a kind-hearted and generous soul.

Why I Like “Fruits Basket”

In my opinion, Fruits Basket is a spectacular anime! The characters especially make the anime intriguing. It's fascinating how Yuki is hiding his traumatic past. However, he's still the "prince" of his school because of his charismatic nature. It's very interesting how all the girls that like Yuki think he's this perfect prince, but when he expresses to people he can trust that he's not perfect and has many insecurities. On the other hand, Kyo is considered a stereotypical "bad boy" due to his inability to open up to others and because of his aggressiveness. Whenever someone asks Kyo how he's doing or a question relating to his feelings, he always feels the need to attack them. Kyo doesn't like to feel vulnerable around others at all! Tohru is a very kind and generous character that wants to help the Sohma family treat their emotional wounds. She is the main character of the story and a mother figure to Yuki because she cooks for some of the Sohma's, cleans the house, and is very kind to them as well. The supernatural elements of Fruits Basket, like how Tohru's friend, Hanajima, had the electromagnetic power to see the right and wrong in people, also helped make me love the anime. You can't forget about the supernatural ability that the Sohma's had to transform into their animal form, either! It was the most crucial supernatural element in Fruits Basket, in my opinion.

Overall, “Fruits Basket” is a wonderful Shojo (romance) anime that expresses romantic elements, like Tohru and Kyo's blossoming romance. Throughout the story, Tohru falls in love with Kyo because of the little things about him and their interactions since the beginning of the story. Kyo fell in love with Tohru's selflessness, loyalty, and how she always found a way to smile and laugh. Kyo and Tohru's romance was an essential part of the “Fruits Basket” story. I recommend you all tune in on this anime, as the story is impressive, the art style is eye-catching, and the characters are relatable and enjoyable.

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